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Hello All - I’m new here.

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and in particularly watch repair.

I am only a hobbyist but I have been dabbling with clocks on and off over the last 20 years. However, earlier this year I had a go at a watch which was some learning curve, not to mention the start of the slippery slope to new and different tools!

I’m not an avid poster, but lurk in the background chipping in where I can and asking lots of silly questions!. I can go for some time without being involved as I have several other hobbies as well, so tend to skip from one to the other!

I have had mixed success with my first few watches; I got them all working to a degree but some have hair spring issues which I have had a little look at, but wow, that’s gonna take some practice . I’m also suffering from lowish amplitudes which is probably a mixture of purchasing a Timgrapher straight away and me being a bit of a perfectionis.

So this brings me to why I’m here, the amplitude issue set me on the path of searching for a cleaning machine, which I have finally found a really cheap one that needs a refurbishment . It is a National Electric model 1, which was basically working when I got it, but some of the wires are so perished that it is not safe to use, but I have seen the motor running and varying the speed, and believe it or not, but the heater still works!  Unfortunately the wires going into the motor have disintegrated upon movement so I’m now trying to replace them but struggling . Now I remember reading a very interesting post on here from a gentleman who was restoring the same machine, but I can’t remember who it was, so 8m hoping that he may see this and offer some advice .... please!

Thats enough waffle from me, but at least you know a bit more about me

cheers Fatcapp ( Jon)

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