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Tools, oils, and consumables for the hobbyist and beginner.

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Hi everyone, 

I put together this document after my experience with watch tools and oils as a hobbyist. This is my humble opinion based on my reading and experience. I understand some things (like the lubrication) may not be up to standards, but I tried to make this with the beginner/hobbyist on a budget in mind. All suggestions are welcome and please post your experience as well. 

I have attached it as a PDF for simplicity. 

I would also like to thank everyone in this forum and especially Mark Lovick for all your teachings and suggestions. 




Tools for the Hobbyist.pdf

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2 minutes ago, homeyclown said:

Your timing is perfect! Turns out I picked the same amazon screwdrivers as you did, great minds think alike :)  Appreciate you putting the information together.

Thank you! :)  I am certain you will really enjoy those screwdrivers. They have proved excellent for me. 

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23 minutes ago, pubudeux said:

This is a really great guide. The only thing I'd add is finger cots (sorry if it's there and I missed it).

Thank you for catching that! I totally missed it! Yeap, finger cots are super important!! Thanks!!!

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3 minutes ago, Tanstaafl said:

Thanks.  I'm about to try fixing/servicing a pocket watch so this is really helpful.  Is a mainspring winder important?

Hi! Thank you I am glad it was helpful.

For a pocket watch movemen, such as a ETA 6497 movement or similar, the mainspring and barrel are big and sturdy enough that you can wind them by hand. However, winding by hand is Generally considered bad practice as you can bend or kink the mainspring which will render it useless. I have wound mainsprings of pocket watch movements by hand and have been successful, however have gotten struck in the face a couple of times by flying mainsprings hehe  

Mainspring winders are VERY expensive, though there are cheaper alternatives on ebay (link below). If you are only the service a watch every now and then, I would just consider buying the mainspring new. It comes prewound and pregreased and all you have to do is push it into the barrel. :)  Cousins UK (https://www.cousinsuk.com/department/watch-parts) has one of the best selections of mainsprings. Please see below for links on good videos on how to measure mainsprings. 

Measuring/choosing mainsprings:

eBay winders:


Winding mainspring by hand:


hope this helps,



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