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Great Ad On Ebay!

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My exceptionally stupid husband bought it by phone bidding from Fellows&Sons auction. It came smaller than he thought and non-working. He paid £80 plus auction indemnity. 
Take it for scrap. Any price will do. As education does not come for free



:D Priceless

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Excellent! They're actually very nice watches - and they do make a larger version - but nobody pays £80 for a dead one! That's about what you pay for a working one. The pointer hand has actually snapped from the main disc on the face of the watch. Here's mine for comparison...


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It never ceases to amaze me some of the crap that is sold on eBay. Why some pay £50 for a non working French clock with the pendulum missing, cracked dial & rusted hands but somehow they get sold.

I have put on Ebay fully working ,serviced & re-gilded French clocks and got less.

Needless to say unless I can pick one up really cheap at my local auction house I don,t bother any more .

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Poor sod, I bet he'll be to scared to buy another watch as long as he lives! We've all made mistakes & £80 ain't going to break the bank, imagine if it had been £800 could you imagine the wording in the listing then!

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    • Ok then that settles that. Yeah I thought I saw it titled Horolovar 400 day clock repair so it stands to reason that it's probably the most informative.

      I was also looking on one of my favorite sites on the net: clockworks.com I'm not sure if you're familiar with it but it has a wonderful clock repair kit with a comprehensive e-book with a repair guide for cuckoo clocks, anniversary clocks, spring driven and weight driven clock repair. Also with that you get an oiler with oil, cleaning solution, visor, level, brass brush, hand/gear puller and a mainspring letdown key all for $69. Seems like a great deal for all that and I'm fairly certain is not all Chinese crap either.

      I need to get a staking set and anvil, a better hammer, decent screwdrivers, (also unsure as to what the best ones for clock repair are) bushings and the necessary tools to do that work, all at a smaller price point.

      I don't have the funds to shell out atm for everything I want. Also I'm only in the hobby phase for now. I am, more and more coming to truly enjoy working on clocks and watches and am considering doing this for a source of income. When you can turn a hobby into a job it's a win-win.

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    • Terwillger's book is the one I had. That is the bible of anniversary clocks. 
    • I'm not familiar with Rabuska's book so had to look it up. But putting it simply Terwillger's book is published by Horolovar which is the company that also makes the replacement suspension springs and mainsprings for anniversary clocks, it is considered 'The bible' for Anniversary clocks. It is also 237 pages compared to 98 pages for Rabuska's. I'm not saying Rabuska's book isn't good as I don't know as I've not read it, but if I was only going to get one book I would get the Horolovar book as it gives setup suspension spring drawings for pretty much all anniversary clocks.
    • Thanks very much OH! I'll be sure to ask how old it is before viewing, and check what you mentioned when I see it.
    • Looks complete. You will need a motor to run it. Check the lathe bed and make sure it is smooth with no marks in it. Ask what type of work has been undertaken. how old is it? Make sure the collets are in good shape and not strained, out of shape collets are no good.  A fair price I would say.