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Great Ad On Ebay!

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My exceptionally stupid husband bought it by phone bidding from Fellows&Sons auction. It came smaller than he thought and non-working. He paid £80 plus auction indemnity. 
Take it for scrap. Any price will do. As education does not come for free



:D Priceless

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Excellent! They're actually very nice watches - and they do make a larger version - but nobody pays £80 for a dead one! That's about what you pay for a working one. The pointer hand has actually snapped from the main disc on the face of the watch. Here's mine for comparison...


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It never ceases to amaze me some of the crap that is sold on eBay. Why some pay £50 for a non working French clock with the pendulum missing, cracked dial & rusted hands but somehow they get sold.

I have put on Ebay fully working ,serviced & re-gilded French clocks and got less.

Needless to say unless I can pick one up really cheap at my local auction house I don,t bother any more .

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Poor sod, I bet he'll be to scared to buy another watch as long as he lives! We've all made mistakes & £80 ain't going to break the bank, imagine if it had been £800 could you imagine the wording in the listing then!

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    • I must say I'm the same, buying a complete set of something saves a lot of time and effort but there is a certain type of gratification for me hunting out all the add-ons.  Ps hands down having a psychotherapist for a wife is way better than having a psychopath for a wife in my experience 🙄  
    • Mark, good info.   My attempted photo through 10x loupe.  Not the best but an effort.  As much as this sounds dumb, the HS has increased its gap from the the cock.  And, seems to spin 3 times longer.  I think I have some residual fiber from my pegging.  What is small enough to clean out these pivots? Or is this where the L&R correct cleaning product helps?  Liquid movement will ensure the pivot holes are clear?  Yup, I have 3x cheaters and the 10x Loupe.  I will have another run at examination.  Everflex green sticks.  Quick google, will have to dig deeper.  Perhaps that is the key to clean pivot holes.   Noted on mixing Naptha based solvent and IPA, water based.  I have a gallon of Coleman White Fuel for about 15 years.  Time to use it and use as rinse.  I stumbled on a L&R Master for $20 with all original L&R jars and lids.  Just have to research basket, a topic for a different post and I am forcing myself to not get distracted by this premature acquisition and practice with my tools. For now, the main spring will not get attention.  After I put the watch together and running, a small miracle, I don't think the main spring to be a major detractor for practice.  My plan is to have my watch maker service my main spring.  Support local small business and he always shares knowledge when I visit.
    • Hi Ammar, I couldn't find anything about the chemical resistance of PLA to naphtha. According to these sources it doesn't rate too well. I think that your concern is correct. If you did a final rinse in IPA after the parts are out of the basket my guess is it would be fine. I have no affiliation in either of these companies. https://prusament.com/chemical-resistance-of-3d-printing-materials/ https://www.filamentive.com/chemical-resistance-of-3d-printing-filament/
    • Yes that is right. No offence intended. 
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