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Hi all you whisky fans there is a shop in Braemar who's stock is wall to wall whiskey you name it has it   come to Bonnie Scotland and stand out side and drool. The whisky trail is well worth the time and effort.  That's the tourist jargon finished..  I like the Glenfiddich  nice  or even the Irish Black Bush well worth it  I must confess I do like good Lager or Cider from Somerset/Devon smoooooooth

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My current favourite. I've been looking forward to this all day. No doubt followed later with a nip or two: It's winding down time folks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Just woke up. But this was my wind down last night Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Ahh yes, went to Glenfiddich Oct 2018 and stopped by Tullamore in Ireland on the same holiday. I suppose I could put watches on bottles, so stay tuned. If I had my choice the Glenfiddich 18 yr would win most arguments, just can't justify the cost, Yet!

IMG_20181010_070920.thumb.jpg.06c5767a5e0dacad98a05d2e663d795e.jpgDSCF1172.thumb.JPG.37b6cab9c70886f89f13b917b10ef032.JPGWaiting to choose the right Japanese Single malt, Yamazki just might work.

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On 5/30/2020 at 10:07 AM, Rob said:


I thought I give these Japanese Whiskey a go.. but I think I stay with my Islay single malt ones…..

A nice Uigeadail next 😉


Whiskey From Japan.jpg

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    • Thanks watchweasol that's fantastic. I've had a quick scan through, it's always good to have a manual. You don't happen to have the 104 manual it refers to for cleaning? Off now to read and digest, thanks again.
    • As I indicated above I did email the best pictures that I could see of all the pictures and I'm pasting the answer below. To really go beyond we need better pictures. Then the definition a better pictures is the impossible picture? There's a reference to the roller table which is totally invisible at all these pictures. In the early days of lever escapement's there are lots of variations of things. So the roller table located underneath everything engaging with the lever might have something clever. If your watchmaker with a loop it's easy enough to look in. Photographing that would be quite a challenge unless you knew exactly what you're doing. Then attempting to remove the balance wheel would not recommend unless you have experience with watches of this type. As because removing the balance bridge does not allow you to remove the balance wheel without underpinning the hairspring. Typically the hairsprings are pinned to the main plate. You will notice the reference to conversion to lever escapement. As technology changed the early movements would transition into newer movements. So basically they will take their older movements and start to add bits and pieces of newer technology on to them rather than making an entirely new watches.     As for the fusee, I really can't make out any details about the escapement from those poor photos. It looks like a standard lever escapement but it has a verge style balance cock. The case marks look like London, 1830. This would be way too early for a standard lever escapement. Perhaps it started out its life as a verge and was converted to a lever at a later date. I'm pretty sure that the signature is James McCabe - a well known and collectible watchmaker. It would be interesting to see more details of the roller table. This could, for example, be a Massey lever. Better pictures would help.
    • Thank you aac58😊👍🏻
    • Hi    according to the list its a 108   manufactured in 78.  manual attached.      cheers 108 (2).pdf
    • Thanks watchweasol. I've had another look and it says the following at the bottom of the dial: Great Britain "46562 10878" JerseyMo, the plucky little watch isn't done yet. The auto-winding is definitely working. I've been checking in on it periodically and giving it a shake. It's ticking away as it should and the date advances, even if it's running about 12-15 mins slow over roughly a 12 hour period. I've warmed to it for sure. The bean counters can't mark this one off their spreadsheet just yet. Hello again Poljot. Is the "sophisticated" click just a piece of bent metal engaging the teeth? I think I'll have to investigate further and report back, after I've cleaned the DNA and grime from around the case back before I open it!  
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