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Soldering instead of lazerwelding?



I didn't know what to search to find the answer to this question and it might be a stupid one. My question is: Could soldering be an alternative to lazer welding when it comes to filling dents and kinks in watchcases? I've been wanting to restore a watch case, but lazer welding equptment seems to be way out of my budget. The case is of brass and I will gold plate it afterwards, but there are also some  dents along the edges that I'd like to repair.


Thank you.

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I have read of people using solder to fill damage in case backs before plating.. I'd actually planned to eventually ask someone what sort of solder they use but now will look forward to seeing what others write about this topic :)

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I used lead solder and the watch platers had all sorts of issues afterwards.
It also scratches easily and flakes off afterwards.
It's definately good for practicing technique, but you wouldnt do it on a keeper.

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