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I see a lot of really good stuff coming out of the UK, but shipping blows it. There are some countries that must have favorable shipping or tax or tariff policies with the US that makes them shippable at reasonable prices. The UK is sorta like southern California is for cars though... WAY more cool stuff, WAY cheaper. American culture has been pretty oriented toward disposability since WWII, and a lot of watches do not seem to have survived the fallout.

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12 hours ago, spectre6000 said:

I see a lot of really good stuff coming out of the UK, but shipping blows it. There are some countries that must have favorable shipping or tax or tariff policies with the US that makes them shippable at reasonable prices. 

I'm not sure what are you referring to. When shipping from the UK to the US you pay very reasonable rates with Royal Mail, check https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2021-03/international-services-wallchart-april-2021.pdf The shipper does not have to pay any other fee or tariff, and must only complete a small CN22 customs form. I believe that most, if not all, UK sellers are aware of that and willing to ship to the USA.

Then when you receive items from abroad (no matter from where) in the US, you enjoy  a total custom exemption of USD $800 https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/internet-purchases meaning there is nothing to pay or paperwork to fill. As of today that is one of the highest customs exemptions in the world, so enjoy it while lasts.

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On 6/13/2021 at 9:03 PM, LittleWatchShop said:

I got this today for $5.50 on ebay.  I will try to find a currency to get it down to 4.04.  Oh...that is equivalent to 3.9 pounds, so I think I made the grade.

Looking forward to having it arrive and open it up.

2021-06-13 21_01_08-Vintage mens Caravelle manual wind black dial watch _ eBay — Mozilla Firefox.png

OK...received.  Last night I serviced it.  Surprised to find this watch had never been serviced.  Pristine condition. It is serviced now.  This is a Bulova 11DP with Parashock jewels...which I do not like.

2021-06-29 08_06_44-Photos.png

2021-06-29 08_06_21-Photos.png

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Sorry I didn't notice you have mentioned it looks like bulova 11AD which is on rannft. looks like there is a retainer spring there, remove the little screw.

I always put some penterting oil on small screw and attck the next day, almost eliminates chance of the head popping of the screw.    A 30 hrs soak in coca cola actually works better than penetrating oil.

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I thought Andy was joking when he first spoke of 404, I now am thinking to start a club of my own 405 or something.😛


   Small screws are pain in that they break easy, heads pop off of them etc. A good 30 to 40 hrs soak in cocacola really ends broken small screw story.     Dress your screw driver for good fit in screw slot, press down hard to unscrew.

Good luck pal

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﷼ 235,390.19 Club just doesn't have the same ring... 🙂

That Caravelle movement is nice. I thought they mostly did low jewel count and pin lever movements. I need to start paying closer attention to those.

Re: shipping from the UK. It may be how eBay calculates it, or maybe a majority of UK sellers are padding their profits with shipping costs, but rarely is shipping from the UK less than $20. It does happen; I've seen in the neighborhood of $8, but typically it's been around $30.

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20 minutes ago, spectre6000 said:

I thought they mostly did low jewel count

From mybulova.com


The Accutron Tuning-fork watch becomes the first wristwatch certified for use by railroad personnel. 1962 is also the year that Bulova introduces its Caravelle line of jeweled watches. Designed to retail at $10.95 to $29.95, Caravelle competes with non-jeweled watches in the same price range.

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17 minutes ago, spectre6000 said:

I've seen in the neighborhood of $8, but typically it's been around $30.

That could be a light untracked item vs a well boxed watch sent registered. IMHO either ones are reasonable, if you want to pack more fun and raise your chances from a single shipping then buy lots, especially from Japan, or check  Craigslist and other free websites.

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16 minutes ago, spectre6000 said:

Caravelle movement is nice

Take it all the way back to its source and it's actually a Citizen (0200 or 1800 series I think).

2 hours ago, LittleWatchShop said:

I never figured out how to remove the lower parashock jewel

Should be exactly the same as the top one, rotate the little captive retaining clip so that one of the tabs lines up with the cut out in the housing and it will pop out, continue to rotate the clip so that the other tab pops out, then lift the cap jewel off. The pivot jewel, which is captive within its sprung arm mount, should also just lift out.

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Lack of sleep, hunger, and full bladders... The causes of so many corners cut. 100% what the covered trays are for. The downside to tapping out is that it can be a challenge to find time to tap back in. I have a movement in a holder in a covered tray that I needed to sleep on. It's literally been months now since I put it down and my desk was overtaken by work detritus. I have no idea what the status of it is. Either it just needs to be regulated, or there was some significant problem with the escapement... I was finally able to declutter a bit this weekend, so maybe I'll get back to it soon. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to declutter quite enough to make room for my watchmaking setup... Soon...

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I was interested in the Mauthe watch on the top but had to buy it with the two others.
Fortunately I got them cheap at the auction and the final price divided with three makes them
End up in the 404 club. Never the less an interesting bunch to work on at Sundays.
Mauthe was a German clock manufacturer who went into the watch business around 1945. I earlier didn’t have in my watch collection but now it ends up in the reference group.

The Ankra 70 also is a German watch. Ankra was  a sales cooperative of German watchmakers founded in Leipzig in 1925.

The third is an Mondia Automatic, a swiss brand from the La Chaux-de-Fonds, they later became bought up and formed the Movado-Zenith-Mondia umbrella in the late 60’s.


Two of them are snapbacks, there has been an attempt to break into the Mondia with the help of a pair of garden scissors.


Inside the Mauthe one finds the F.Mauthe Cal. 612. A quite interesting piece equipped with the Mauthe Super-Contrachoc.

The Ankra reviled a French Lorsa P72, quite a surprise.

The Mondia didn’t put out any surprises, the workhorse AS1903 is looking dead at me.


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A dip in the ultrasonic bath, some lubrication, a new crystal and a pimpt up bracelet and it’s back to it’s 60’s bling bling shape. Not bad for a few dollars more, even Clint Eastwood would agree 😉



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Here is a Caravelle I got for 5 bucks.

I serviced it and it is sitting on the bench waiting for casing. 

In the mean time, here is the movement: Caravelle 2SO (which some believe is a Citizen movement--the dial says "Japan").

Will post the final result later.

2021-07-04 17_36_09-Photos.png

2021-07-04 17_32_31-Photos.png

2021-07-04 17_32_47-Photos.png

Edited by LittleWatchShop
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9 hours ago, spectre6000 said:

Any closer photos of that "Super-Contrachoc"?

I have a habit to click away during the servicing process. So, here we go a picture of the Contrachock system. 


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A Caravelle, a Josmar and a ladies Montra on their way to join the club.


The Caravelle has a somewhat cryptic " U.S.W.A Local 2604 '76 " inscribed on the back, and the Montra is most likely a low jewel count EB8800 or similar pin lever.

It will be interesting to see what is in the Caravelle (Bulova?) and the Josmar.

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    • Hi Fernando, read carefully what @eccentric59 wrote, it is the key to You problem. Lubricate the cannon pinion. Take care to understand what is it's function. When You set time, the train doesn't move, but only the cannon pinion moves. Put hte lever back in it's place, it has nothing to do with time setting
    • Hi fernando. Let us know how you get on.
    • OK, in You case You will assemble the movement with the line attached to the barrel and fusee and will  wind the line  entirely on the barrel after that. It is important when replacing the line to know the correct lenght of the line. The rule is that when line wound on the fudsee entirely, about 1/4 turn still to remain on the barrel. Yes, no tension. The ratchet is not placed yet, the spring in the barrel is complitelly unwound. At the end of the step the fusee is empty and the line is attached to it and strained perpendiculary to it, not on tangent. The escape wheel. Use whatever that will not damage anything. Yes, this is typing mistake, sorry. The word 'pendulum' here is not correct, You should use 'anchor' and yes, it is removed from the movement at this point, according my instruction 1 (Ihave used the word 'lever' there):   Ok, let sey the barrel arbour makes 6 full turns when winding the spring in the barrel from unwound to fully wound state of the spring. Let sey that the barrel makes 4.5 full turns when winding the clock from fully unwound (the line is on the barrel) to fully wound (the line is on the fusee) state. This means that You should not wind the spring in the barlel when adjusting the initial tension to more than 1.5 turns of the arbour of the barrel.  If You make 2 full turns, then when winding the clock, the barrel will be able to turn to only 4 turns, so the limiting device will not limit the rotation of the fusee arbour and You will be able to force the line much more than when the limiting device acts, also the power reserve will be less. Hope this is clear now... Yes, but again - not the pendulum, but the anchour.   About the loosing time... In this kind of escapement, the frequency pritty much depends on the torque. The higher torque - the highrer frequency. This is because this escapement forces the pendulum to oscillate significantly faster than it's own resonant fequency. The frequency depends on the 'depth' of the escapement too - the deeper escapement is, the lower the frequency, and the higher amplitude of pendulum oscillations. The heavier the pendulum is, the harder to the movement (the escapement torque) to force the pendulum to oscillate faster than it's own frequency. And in the end, the own pendulum frequency depends only on the pendulum lenght and a little on the suspension spring 'strenght' This are all the relations between all the factors. You can try to use the old spring (if it is not broken) and see if the clock will work faster with it. Yes, the old springs of fusee clocks sometimes give bigger torque than modern ones, no matter if they seem to be 'set' You can shorten the pendulum to achieve correct frequency. If the torque is reduced, but enough for the movement to work reliably,  then reduced torque will only lead to lessen the wear. The torque in fusee movements is more or less constant all the time, this is the function of the fusee. You can use the Clock Tuner  free app for android to adjust faster the clock rate. You will need to know the BPH of the movement, so count the teeth of the wheels and pinions and calculate the BPH
    • Hi! My bad. I meant to say that when the pallet fork is installed I cant move the wheels "using the crown in the setting position" Really in truly my number 3 was redundant and badly written (trying to explain myself went all wrong). I dismantling partially the watch (calendar, remontoir, Balance and Pallet fork). I think I would need to go that way...  Thanks for your comments...    
    • this is what happens if you don't fully do all of your research. I found the safe answer I found your exact caliber we got a mainspring number we got a price at a decent price for the original spring verified that the spring number at least on bestfit agrees with what we have so it was safe yes I did look in the GR catalog I had seen that 200 watch has a spring similar to what you perceive it should be. But to be honest I never looked at the 200 watch to see what its mainspring was. then the other amusement I went back to the bestfit online because if the 200 have the same spring I were to see that when I snipped out the image up above. Turns out they don't even show a 200 listing at all.  
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