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Lockdown hobby - life long ambition

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Hi all.  So, to introduce myself.  Always had a fascination with watches.  Anything that ticks.  Same with engines.  Always been in awe of the engineers that create these marvels and never thought I'd be able to fettle with either as it all looks so complicated from the outside.

Anyhow, now I'm hurtling towards "middle age", I've adopted the attitude that everything is worth a go.  I may not be the expert but certainly willing to learn and develop knowledge.

So whilst the classic Mini is parked up with a fuel leak, whilst the models have been left to dry after air brushing; I thought I'd turn my hand to another hobby that's been boiling away on the back ring of life - horology.

Yes, got grandad's gold wrist watch tucked away (Roamer Incabloc).  Not touching that as i fear it may self combust if i touch its inner parts.  So I thought it'd be a good idea to purchase a "spares or repair" pocket watch movement for pennies and learn the basics on that.  So far so good.

Said watch is now disassembled.  Prob only a two jeweller with a makers mark of a 6 point star in a circle with what i think is a D in it. Probably made by a bloke on Fleetwood docks in 1900. Who knows.  What's important is that it's a starting point.

On order, and more importantly, are two trench watches.  Bday in a few weeks so was able to pass these purchases off as "gifts from the family" as opposed to "spending our hard earned money on more rubbish".

Looking forward to reading this forum and youtube and learning so much from the generations of craftspeople and engineers out there.

Cheers, Andy (aka Loopylad) 

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