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Clock Collectors Near Great Yarmouth?

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As per title, just wondered if there were any collectors near Great Yarmouth. Spotted a nice GPO clock which is collection-only which may interest someone. 

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That’s the one. I didn’t post the link to avoid anyone potentially fighting over it, but I guess that probably isn’t likely anyway. 

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1 hour ago, luiazazrambo said:

My offer of £80 was accepted. Thank you for this. I am excited, will pick them up at the weekend if it is good for the seller.

Let us known if it is a Elliott double face , I think there is a good chance it could be,


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Hi *, I met Bill yesterday, he is a former clockmaker and a very nice gentleman. Unfortunately I could not spend much time with him due to the COVID situation but i am hoping I could go back and have a drink with him once the danger is no longer around us. The GPO clock is I think not the one you would have hoped for, but I am very happy because now I have loads of stuff I can practice on. There is even a cuckoo clock there what I always wanted as we had one when I was a kid. We had a nice picnic at the see, and I even found a ring with my metal detector there. :)





















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On 9/26/2020 at 10:41 AM, watchweasol said:

That lot will keep you busy for while, where are you going to keep them, mine are all over the house and in the workshop. No room for any more now.

The only dry and safe place for them is the attic. I put them in cardboard boxes and cover them with blankets for the time being. There are two main reasons why most of them are just sitting there. 1., no time 2., no knowledge 

I still ruin too many things and I don't want to practice on clocks which are too nice to be wasted. Some of the things I got have no value, not just economically but no knowledge or very little can be gained by playing with them, I shall sell them or give them away as space is also a problem after a while. I also need to practice patience, i hope age will strengthen it instead of weakening that side of me. There is a lot of space for improvement on that. 🙂

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That's quite the haul!

If they will be stored for a while, I strongly suggest getting the lemon oil out and get those cases treated. Otherwise, you may have a desperate need for a decent case once the clocks are running.

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    • This, is one of my favorites. I clearly remember when I first saw it: I used to work on Long Island and come back to Connecticut each weekend. I saw it on a billboard north of the city, on 95. The new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. I wasn’t crazy about the name, but coming off the Pierce Brosnan bond watch this was (and is!) stellar. Note I liked the blue bond watch before the turn of the century, and I had a white faced GMT during that era (because I saw so many blue ones). I miss that watch sometimes but legibility wasn’t the best actually.  Fast forward a couple years and I’m at the maul with a couple good friends and I decide to pop into an Omega jeweler there. They had a pre owned all black 45.5mm planet ocean on the bracelet. I wanted the “big” one, and still enjoy it, but I think a 42mm version would be even more perfect. I had a rubber strap put on because it just plain looks better that way. The Orange version shown on that billboard looked awesome at the time, but I thought it would fall out of fashion in time, and it has, as far as I’m concerned.  Mine is the first generation. Aluminum bezel inset and painted numerals. The omega logo is applied, like the vintage dials. I appreciate that detail. The newer ceramic bezels and applied numerals are arguably better, but not to me.  This has been back to Omega once in the ten or more years I’ve owned it. NJ service center did a fantastic job, and only replaced what I authorized. Light touch up on the case and it’s been perfect ever since. 
    • Welcome! And thanks for the cool story!
    • The thing that bites you in the butt is the length. Two screws may be identical other than length and mixing them up can sometimes cause problems elsewhere.  I clean manually for the most part. But even when using ultrasonic I just do several small batches. I could probably figure it out at this point but it’s just how I do it. I’m comfortable that way. 
    • Some folks are much more into the thick oil trick than others. Prob a useful trick to help narrow down problems. Good point about the heat/viscosity changes. Dennison "strength" just means thickness, although it's similar to wire gauges, lower number is thicker, higher is thinner. Just ignore the Dennison numbers and use metric if possible.  If it is overpowered (unclear if that is the case here), the metric .10 thickness might be underpowered (might be preferable to overpowered), as the GR specs show a .105mm mainspring. Good to go with the spec mainspring if it's available? I don't have enough experience to say if +.05 or -.05 thickness should make that much of a difference, prob case-by-case.
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