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Project Watch Storage Ideas

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I'm trying to figure out a box or something in which to store the project watch queue. At present, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 watches, mostly just cheap junkers to play with/learn on. I've outgrown the drawer I have kept them in over the years, and it's time to get a better system. To my mind, unless the watch has a metal bracelet in good condition, the strap pretty much gets binned across the board. I'm not going to wear someone else's wrist schmutz, and the leather/fabric bands are usually too worn (and often just tacky). That said, I figure most people are in the same boat, so when I go to sell these after I've had my fun with them, it's probably worth keeping the bands on hand just to have something to photograph them with, if nothing else. No clocks yet, and I'll just cross that bridge when I get there; probably won't be a billion of them lying around at any given time anyway (famous last words).

I would like to be able to keep the watches separate from each other in the event there are minor explosions (like the crystal retention ring that's popped off my Rado, for instance) and to keep things from knocking around on each other and scratching each other up. I already mentioned the current population, and that will shrink and grow as I catch up/get ahead on one end of the equation or the other. I'd like a larger something for watch bands en masse (they aren't going to hurt each other), and it may be worth separation for "good" and "meh" bands; this may or may not be part of the same contrivance that's responsible for the watches themselves. 

I know this isn't a unique problem, so I'm curious what others are doing?

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