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Newbie From New Zealand with a question


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Hi everyone. I recently purchased a Tag from a second hand store. Even when I purchased it I figured it was probably fake but I was unsure as it looked nicely made.

So at home I took off the back to see what cheap battery movement it had. I was surprised to see it was automatic. It had no markings so I pulled out the crown so I could remove the movement to see if any markings were on the side..Dumb idea as I pushed the release button hard with a needle and now its stuck down.

Its keeping perfect time . The minute hand sweeps smoothly and the 3 sub-dials beside the 3,6,9 position work, one is 31 day the other 24 hour and one that counts to 7 (I am not sure what that is).

Problem is when I push the crown/stem back in it doesn't lock in place and keeps adjusting the time when wound. 

Questions..I like the watch...is it a super budget movement and what is the movement. Is it worth fixing ?, would it be easier to replace the movement? . I am prepared to tackle fixing it myself...I am just open to any ideas

Thanks to anyone taking the time to reply and I hope you are all staying safe

watch 1.JPG

watch 2.JPG

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Hello and welcome to the forum     what you have done is to press the setting lever too far and either broken ,bent or jammed it. The only recourse is to remove the dial along with the hands to gain access to the keyless work. The movement is more than likley a chinese clone as they were in most but not all of the fake watches.  I have attached a PDF which will give you some guidence regarding the anatomy of a watch, It is a general description of the workings.      hope you find it helpful             cheers


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