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    • Hi Gary - thanks for the reply.   I've just posted a further explanation and a few pics.  Does this look like yours?  Do you have any pics of your winder and how you got in? 
    • Here are a couple of pics.   Overall unit.    As I said, on most of these, the top wheels (watch holders) come off to reveal a couple of screws.  Typically by holding the black outside and twisting the inside.   I've tried that with as much force as I am comfortable applying.      When I try to look behind the big wheels (see the pic:  I'm pointing with a screw driver) I can see there appears to be a screw behind each one that holds the entire panel in place.   Regarding access through the bottom. I did have to that on another winder I had (TimeTutelary), and it was fairly easy to feel the small screw hole through the felt if you paid attention.  I have really checked this one out and didn't feel where any holes would be; pretty sure there aren't.   Where were those on yours?   I will check again. 
    • Sorry about this... Rich mixes the lume colour himself to match, here is another one that he did for me and re-lumed the hands to match the existing lume dots on the dial....
    • normally you don't find this in the technical sheets. For eta if you can find the manufacturing sheet that's where that would be. But I went through my computer to see if I had anything and I'm attaching something. Go all the way to almost the very back in and you get the technical drawings which cover the hands sizes. then initially the numbers look confusing until you actually look at the specifications and realize there are two separate second hands in the middle. the numbers above break down to  hour, minutes. Second, the other second and missing is 20 for the little hand. then because the last pages came out of their manufacturing information sheets there is all sorts of numbers for you. 289_ETA251.252,251.262,251.272.pdf
    • we really need the back of the watch case but it looks like a ring used to hold movements in.
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