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A New Member Introduction, Gotwatch


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Hello all,

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Stu, I'm a journeyman carpenter, cabinetmaker, and commercial construction superintendent. I live in Santa Cruz, CA.

I was lucky to find Mark's videos on youtube and watched with much interest. It was a while before I learned he had a forum and am excited to be here. Thank you, Mark.

I started at an early age of 10 when in a cabin at Lake Tahoe one winter night when I took apart an old wrist watch with the tip of my pocket knife. I marveled at the small parts, ruby jewels and wheels (gears to me then) and was on the road to what I didn't know was called horology. I did not get that watch back together, if you're wondering.

Fast forward to adult hood, my interest picked up again with an inherited 14k gold 12s Waltham Riverside that was my grandfather's. I started collecting and servicing RR grade PW's and went from there.

Then I discovered eBay (both a pleasure and curse) in the late '90's and it was off to the races with no looking back.

I have a wealth of knowledge, although jumbled up, and am a bit of a tool and book hoarder. The one thing I'm lacking is the skill to put those two things together in the proper order so I am here to learn and share where I can.

From what I've read so far, it appears we have a top notch group of knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly members and I look forward to jumping into the fray.

Regards from a humble amateur,

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I wonder where paradise has gone these days!




Certainly not where you are, Bob. They say Alaska is paradise. :D


Where did you hail from Stu?


I hail from San Francisco but my lineage and family name hailed from somewhere around Aberdeen. My brother did a family tree back to when we hit this continet, in Maine, and is working on our Scottish lines as I write.


Welcome Stu from a big fan of the American pocket watch.


Thanks, Autowind. I'm a big fan of the European enameled Fusee's, they are few over here.


Hi Stu - my 1903 Ball-Waltham says "Welcome!"


attachicon.gifBall Waltham Commercial Standard 1903 face 1.jpg


That's a beauty, WillFly. I also visited your watch page. That's a very handsome collection of watches! You should be proud.

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    • Plastic crystals have a lot of stress and this will eventually show up as a lot of hairline fractures on the crystal. If you are saying you want to save the original I would recommend not bothering they are considered consumables. Get an original crystal installed by a proffessional is the best route. Not much difference in price to buying one from them and installing  it yourself. Anilv
    • Say that fast 5 times 😂
    • I have a few questions on the use of a (lever-type) jeweling tool in the adjustment of jewel endshakes, as I have never done this before. 1. If the endshake is too much or too little, how do you choose where to adjust the endshake? Do you adjust the endshake on the train bridge, or the main plate, or both? How do you decide which is the best? 2. When inserting the pusher into the spindle of a lever-type jeweling tool, such as a Favourite, is the best practice to take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to insert the pusher? And likewise, take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to remove the pusher? Or is it perfectly ok to insert or remove the pusher when the spindle is still inside the jeweling tool frame. Which way is safer/ best practice. 3. Is there an attachment to the base of the jeweling tool to hold the mainplate or bridges? I don’t seem to see any for sale, new or otherwise. Can I make one?
    • In the USA, you could try: https://www.jewelerssupplies.com/ or http://www.julesborel.com/ Cousins in the UK might be a possibility (although Waltham is a US watch, I'm sure some of them made it across the pond). https://www.cousinsuk.com/ Mark also has a list here: https://www.watchfix.com/category/watch-parts-tools-suppliers/watch-parts-tools-suppliers-us/
    • Yup. It's like the song from The Greatest Showman.... Never Enough! Never, never...
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