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Hi guys, quick question,

are any members here a member of the society above? If so is it worth joining etc etc. 
Got a birthday coming up and a relative has asked if I would like a membership?

Dont want to waste their money if you see what I mean.

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I have never been a member of this. I think it depends where the person lives, if you live out in the country side and transport is a problem I don't think you will get much out of it. You could go on their web site and see if they have meetings near you. I wasn't that impressed with their magazines, for me too much on the watch side.   I was a member of the B H I years ago. If you are more interested in Clocks, get a membership to clock magazine UK, you will get a lot of info out of that.

That is just my opinion.   

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Cheers for the input guys very much appreciated, OH I’m happy with watches and clocks, more watches ( less room you see ) I do the odd clock which I really enjoy. 
rodabod, thank you for the info, they do seem to be able to offer a lot of information both electronic and physical. 
I think I’ll go for it, the BHI might have to wait a little longer for my membership.

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