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Server Issues Today


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Another problem with Cloudflare today. Things are a bit slow. It's a bugger to be honest.


Update - Removing congestion from IAD. 
Feb 12, 20:32 UTC
Update - We are actively working on alleviating network congestion in some of our European datacentres. 
Feb 12, 19:59 UTC
Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented. 
Feb 12, 08:50 UTC
Investigating - We are investigating network issues in Frankfurt, the colo has been rerouted. 
Feb 12, 06:29 UTC
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Don't think so - mainly referring to the general slowness of the site a few days ago. It should all be resolved now.


I have taken my other site off cloudflare to see what difference it will make before I make a decision about WRT. hopefully it will be better from now on.

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I couldn't access the site today because the host didn't resolve… I'm using Google's dns and checking the domain gives a SERVFAIL error:

# dig www.watchrepairtalk.com @              ; <<>> DiG 9.8.5-P1 <<>> www.watchrepairtalk.com @;; global options: +cmd;; Got answer:;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 15544;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0;; QUESTION SECTION:;www.watchrepairtalk.com.	IN	A;; Query time: 55 msec;; SERVER:;; WHEN: Mon Mar 09 12:37:31 CET 2015;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 41

One possible reason for this error is that the DNSSEC configuration is broken.

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Access was very choppy with googles DNS servers ( and

In fact it was for several domains I visited.


Changing back to the BT DNS servers and all is fine.


I did a check http://www.intodns.com/watchrepairtalk.comand all seems fine with the DNS records (the two errors stated are beyond my control and do not cause errors for DNS queries for A and MX records).



Checking further I find that it is a problem for some domain owners who use the Google DNS service: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/public-dns-discuss/7Dd4pzBfpZA


As it is - I find nothing to fix but will keep monitoring just in case.


Thanks for reporting Rob.

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Well done for finding that Rob.

I did look on the service status page at eNom but didn't see any issues, the article explains a lot.


If it happens again, I will look into deploying my own secondary DNS. It's a shame - I was using eNom's DNS service specifically to reduce admin overhead. Mind you - i've been with them for many years and the provided DNS service is usually quite stable.

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