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A new guy from Texas


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Hello my name is Jesse Purviance and I stumbled onto this for him because I use forums all the time to learn things. I love mechanical watchers although the world seems to have forgotten about them for the most part I like automatics I have several old automatics most of them don’t work my three newest ones don’t work and those are my daily drivers. And that’s why I’m here I want to either learn how to repair them myself or find a place that is reasonably price to repair them. I have a seiko a couple old rados and My favorite watches which I care the most about repairing are 2 maratacs and one Hamilton. They are the main reason I am here the maratacs have the same problem the second hand has fallen off of them but one of them I had a local shop repair and since then it won’t stay wound. The Hamilton face has rotated on it is my every day driver my favorite watch I am a farmer and I am hard on watches Because I am left-handed and I wear my watch on my left hand. And working on equipment and things I swing a hammer a lot which seems to be hard on mechanical watches. Anyway good to meet y’all hope to learn a lot here. 



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