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3 hours ago, PeterS said:

what kind of cloth do you use? I have been using watchmaker’s tissue paper soaked in Horolene

I see Omega recommends Wipers 100% Microfibre 230x230. Which is probably the preferred thing I'm using either a paper towel or a Kleenex and no I don't seem to getting fibers are dust but I also haven't wetted with hairspring rinse.

Then rather than beakers if you could find jars like an example above I think that would be preferred as long as the jar isn't too heavy to block the ultrasonic. Even though I use a beaker the problem is the solution is in separate jars you have to pour each of the fluids into the beaker then report back out of the beaker and set the watch somewhere else while you're doing this. I usually set her on paper towel to drip off but it be nicer if you had jars and didn't have to be fooling around with the fluid all the time.

Then as I've said before the little ultrasonic that I had that ran 20+ years the beaker went directly inside with a little water around the outside basically The fluid helps to couple the energy better. But typically on any discussion group when they see a beaker in an ultrasonic tank they freak out. If you go look with the manufacturers say what they're really concerned about is placing I suspect metal placing a metal object that reflects all the energy back into the transducer that would be bad. But a small beaker with a watch probably isn't a problem. But on the bigger machine I have a plastic that has a whole bunch of holes in it that fits where it's just a little above the bottom of the machine and then I put my beaker on top of that so it's not touching.


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2 hours ago, PeterS said:

I guess watch cleaning machines will spin off most of the solution before it is suspended into another solution, but what’s the best practice with ultrasonic baths?

Ideally the best would be to have a cleaning machine with ultrasonic Build in. Then you just put the watch in the basket to put in the machine you push the button and it beeps at you to come and get it.

As I'm using little wire baskets with lids that I have a wire attached to the basket so I have something to hold onto. The wire itself has a benefit of any of the bigger parts are on the wire so they're out in the open everything Chinese in the baskets. Then when I'm playing with moving the fluids around I just lay the baskets on a paper towel. It worked fine at home I'm not into production.

Although this reminds me of a very long time ago working in a shop that had an ancient three jar manual cleaning machine. So we put the parts into the metal baskets which went in a beaker in the ultrasonic machine. Then when it came out it would go into the ancient machine and its spin it off and then you go into the rinse. Kind of the best of both worlds


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I see, now I understand why they also sell small wire mesh baskets with a handle and no lids. I’ll get a few different bits and see what works best for me.
I’ll also get the basket for the ultrasonic and place the beakers on it, I would like it to last some time. The beakers come with lids but not air tight. I could probably put a plastic bag over it and secure it with a rubber band to stop it from evaporating when storing it.

I sort of see Omega’s point about the corrosion but in my opinion if using non-water based solutions there should be no problem if everything is done correctly. I don’t see myself servicing an Omega any time soon anyway. More like scrap movements, old watches and pocket watches, something to play with, no harm done if something goes wrong.

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I'm giving a plug for those in the UK (No commission or personal gained involved) for Allendale Ultrasonics. They have always been very helpful to me providing good customer service and advice. They sell a full range of everything Ultrasonic including cleaning fluid. As far as watch cleaning is concerned they advised me to use small glass jars with 10% fluid 90% hot water which I have used with good success. The glass apparently has no effect on the cavitation process and obviously avoids filling the tank with cleaning fluid. Transfer with tweezers to another jar with water to rinse. Hope this might help someone.

Link below.



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Thank you for the tip. However I have already received the Elma S10H. I will get to try it out this weekend. It's certainly big enough for watch movements, bracelets etc.
Pictures below for anyone browsing looking for an ultrasonic cleaner and considering this unit.







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I wonder how much I can fill the beakers for the ultrasonic to be effective. If I fill them higher than the level of the water in the tank, will the ultrasonic be effective throughout the solution in the beaker? Should they perhaps only be filled to match the level of the water in the tank?
Reading through the beaker documents it states that they should not be held by hand when the ultrasonic is on as the ultrasonic waves would be transmitted into the human tissue. That makes me think it should work if I fill them above the level. They also show a picture of the beakers with solutions in the beakers above the tank:



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    • Bought this watch in question supposedly repaired within a month of sending back. would rather just try & fix stateside versus sending back waiting for 6 months. maybe im not winding it enough because it stops keeping time and now ultimately it wont keep time altogether. read about asian 7550 is a dry movement. dont care for actual rolex movement as long as it just keeps time reliably. maybe i expected too much from a 375.00 knockoff? i just had hoped for keeping time?   www.intime05.co//rollie/4219-daytona-yg-dlc-bp-kravitz-best-edition-black-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a4130free-leather-strap.html
    • @Klassiker the AM220 is a good start, there's hints of this escape wheel cock and bridge shapes in the other larger AM movements on Ranfft as well
    • Not sure this will sent you in the right direction, but there is a chance 🙂 http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&AS_278 Something somewhat similar..
    • You did not tell what was that "extra" screw for. I would do the following: - release the mainspring - remove balance bridge - remove pallet fork - rotate train wheels manually to confirm they move freely. If they don't - find out why. Once that is resolved or confirmed, next stem - replace the pallet fork, wind the main spring just few rotations, push the pallet fork gently to see if mainspring energy is being transferred and wheels are moving - just take a closer look at both pivots of the balance staff. Again, gently and without pulling too hard - check both pivot, top and bottom. You may have bent one while removing the balance bridge several times (i hope you did not). - with the mainspring wound, replace the balance bridge. Often balance would self-adjust (impulse jewel / fork) and start moving. Gently replace the balance bridge screw. Good luck!  
    • Valjoux 23/72 ... hadn’t been worked on in a long time.  Tore it down, cleaned it, reassembled - everything worked ... until I realized I left out a screw. Tore it back down, installed everything fully this time.  Balance wouldn’t rotate.  Gears seemed like they were seized. Tore it back down, spent a LOT of time on each assembly step, ensuring everything spun freely.  Installed the palate fork - flicked back and forth as appropriate.  Installed balance as the last step.  No rotation.  Spins freely when “encouraged”, but it doesn’t continue. I pulled it out.  Confirmed that the hairspring isn’t kinked.  Jewels look fine (no cracks or chips).  I don’t have the means to check if the balance staff is bent, but the balance seems level and when I encourage some rotation, I don’t see any wobble. Any thoughts on what to check next? Thanks!
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