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Hello from Hamilton, Ontario. The usual: preamble then questions.

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I have been enjoying the videos and decided to purchase the watch service course.  I have been intrigued by automatic movements since about age 9 when my schoolteacher described his watch that was powered by his arm but this intrigue was on the "back burner" until very recently (I am soon to be 32) as I have never before owned or even really examined an automatic watch.  I've suddenly realized my entire life was a lie and I've sworn to be far more discerning with my choice in purchases from this point onward.

Although it was on the back burner as I said just a minute ago, I was recently thrust into this hobby to realize a passion with fervor that I dare not unveil in public.  Recently, I dodged two bullets in quick succession by losing two online auctions for watches which I thought would be amazing purchases.  First was a vintage Omega Seamaster Quartz that sold for 700 bucks (I had bid around 400) and the second a vintage Movado that went for 302 after I dropped out at 299.99.  Imagine how my disappointment turned to relief.  It was these two auctions which provoked me to examine the universe of wristwatches more closely.

So I have purchased and am wearing my first automatic watch.  It's a 'skeleton watch' from Fossil called the ME3130.  I think it's a great starting point because I got it used for a good price, it's nice looking, and I won't have any need to take it apart for a long time.  Having some trouble getting used to watching the seconds get ahead of my Timex, which itself hasn't gained or lost even 1 second since I changed the battery 7 months ago.



1.  I'm to understand that routine hand-winding of an automatic watch, although superstitious behavior, is not considered to be "bad".  So, will I generally reduce the lifespan of my watches if I am taken with this quirk?

2.  Is it a fact that Seiko 5 can not be hand wound?  Are there Seiko 5 movements that allow for hacking?

3.  I want at least one Citizen in my collection.  Why is the nighthawk my best choice, or not?

4.  My first purchase is going to be the SNK805 or whatever color not sure.  Is this a good idea for a watch to practice taking apart after I complete the course?  It's kind of a rhetorical question, so I should ask: is there a good reason why it is not the one to practice on?

5.  Please help me compare and contrast between SRPD59 and SRPC5K1.  I don't understand a few things, it looks like the C5K1 has better features but is 60$ cheaper.  The comparison chart on Amazon also says one movement is "swiss automatic" and the other is "automatic self-wind with hand wind mechanism" and the C5K1 also claims to have a screw-down crown, and requires a battery (for what?).  Sorry but I just do not understand where to begin comparing these two watches.

6.  I need some assistance identifying two watches which I am bidding on and whether they are collectible or junk.  The auction closes in about 35 hours.  If you have the inclination to assist, please review the items through the links below :)



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