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Vintage enamel Dial repair technique experiment #1

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Recently purchased a pocket watch with a chipped dial. You can see the copper substrate. This is unsightly and distracting. As an experiment i dug out a damaged old dial I had and a small bottle of white nail polish. After about 3 coats I gave it a light wipe with a shop towel wetted with acetone. It only took a couple very light swipes to achieve the look I wanted. All in all it looks pretty good. Yes there are a couple bubbles close up but it's nearly impossible to see from a normal viewing  distance. My next goal is to see if I can find a black pen with a fine enough point to attempt to restore the black minute index lines. I consider this an open experiment, I want to try other dials with other colors of enamel besides white.



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2 hours ago, watchweasol said:

Hi  thats quite an effective repair job..  I have seen a ceramics expert use an artists brush that was so thin it must have had most of the hair pulled out re lining a damaged clock dial I think it was with Indian Ink. did a brilliant job.

Thank you. Even if I decide not to restore the minute track at least it isn't so distracting and it's subtle enough that the casual glance or an untrained eye won't spot it. I have another dial with a more off white, eggshell sort of color that needs attention. I'll have to see if I can find one close enough to it as fingernail polish flashes very quickly and you don't have much working time. Definitely not enough time to mix colors to get it close .

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