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Time To Introduce Myself


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It's time to introduce myself. My name is Morten, 38 years old. Born and raised in Oslo, where I live with my wife and son. For the last ten years I have been fascinated by watch repair. First as a hobby and the last 3-4 years I have had it as a part time job beside my job as a Paramedic.

My interest beside repairing is also horological history like Breguet, G.Daniels and American pocket watches.

I am a big fan of the watch repair channel and when I saw this forum, I got very excited.

I will try to contribute as much as I can.


My workbench at home:)


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Welcome Morten,

You have a busy workbench just like mine. This is a great forum that accommodates all levels of horologists. For me personally I have found this forum invaluable when jobs don,t go exactly to plan. There is always someone who will help or come up with a solution or at least offer sympathy!!!



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Hello Morten,


Welcome to the forum, that workbench establishes your credentials so I am sure we can look forward to some interesting posts.

You could start with the watch on your wrist or your watch collection or any specialities you have or need info on because we are all inherently curious about other folks watches here.





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    • Thank you all for your informations. I will do as suggested. Return the pin to its original position. Replace the pallet fork. I have ordered the correct 6498 movement. I will install the new movement and finish the pocket watch.  I will return both, the pocket watch and the old movement to the owner. I do apologise to you all. It is obvious to me that I have not learned or understood the skills correctly.
    • This looks like a Seiko mainspring barrel, I am sure there are many you tube videos out there showing how to open those and I'm pretty sure it will be the same technique (see below about 7 mins in). @clockboy I see what you are saying, but agree it's hard to tell if its damage/dirt or a trick of the light.  
    • Hello everyone,  I recently acquired a watch that I've long considered a "grail". A JLC Memovox. Specifically, the reference E875 ("Speed Beat") with a calibre 916. I got it for really good price and it is in full original condition.  It's still running quite well, but I do want to service it.  I found the service manual online (attached) and it seems to be doable. JLC 916.pdf But I'd still be grateful for any tips!!  One specific question I have is related to the mainspring barrel. The manual says that the barrel "should never be opened. In case of defect, replace the whole barrel assembly".  Now, I've opened "do not open"-barrels before and reused them with no problems. And there are other threads discussing this matter in a more general way. But I'd be very grateful if anyone had specific knowledge of this movement or other JLC movements from the 1970s.  Obviously, it's impossible to source a NOS barrel complete for this movement (and even if, the breaking grease and arbor lubrication would not be in good condition anymore).  So I'm left with only two options: open the barrel as usual or just leave it closed and reuse. (Well, or I pay 4-digit service costs at JLC/Richmond group.)  
    • Welcome, you might want to look into the Sherline  lathes  also,  I believe they come in standard and metric, good luck with those movements....
    • I've never had a pin pallet escapement. Do you expect to a similar amplitude to Swiss lever?
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