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What do you do with your pocket watches?

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I wanted to use a pocket watch as a desk clock while I’m WFH.

Fortunately I found this display stand hidden inside a small log from an ash tree in my wood pile :biggrin:. Interested to see what others do with theirs...





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    i useto ware them with a double chain.  also used "jeans watch pocket"   till the chinez made pants with a very small watch pocket.   nothing good seems to come from that country !!   vin

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I wear one every day. Most of my jeans have those watch pockets and all but my largest pocket watch fits in them. I never, ever carry a pocket watch without some kind of chain. I dropped a watch once....ONCE! Here is where I store mine. This was a small display cabinet for something, I dunno what originally. I got it at Goodwill for $2.50. My father made the drop in shelf adapters .My biggest Pocket watch is way to big to fit in the case, so it sits under a dome.




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7 minutes ago, StuartBaker104 said:

Like that cabinet, but disappointed the watches aren’t all wound up and set to the right time :D

I did that for about a year straight and developed 2 massive calluses. Made my fingers look like hell, so I quit. Now I just let them run down naturally and wind them when I wear them.

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I am an odd duck. I wear mine, to work and elsewhere. But I also wear a suit with vest, or trousers with watch pocket. I kept trying to like wrist watches, but I either kept getting a rash underneath, or kept banging them up somehow. Below is my Longines right before I had it polished. I am having trouble finding other files that will upload. 


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Cobra-style PW holders come upon eBay occasionally in lower-quality unpainted brass. The one I posted above is particularly nice, and is likely to be particularly expensive. I've written the gallery that currently owns it for additional info, which I'll share if I hear anything back from them.

Here's an example of one of the cheaper (< $200) more readily available ones. They seem to come up on eBay from time to time. While they're not nearly as nice, they're (somewhat) affordable. I know that my wife would kill and eat me if I bought one of these. I do have a background in model building and painting, and could probably paint something similar to the nicer version with a little bit of effort.

@eezy Your DIY art deco holder looks amazing! What a great idea, and lovely execution.


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That looks very familiar. If you ever get a chance to go to India, you will no doubt encounter a lot of brass items in the touristy shops. One of the many recurring themes are snakes, and in particular brass cobras.


Search ebay for brass cobra candlestick or similar, and you will no doubt find a whole bunch of them.

Also look for things like Bala Bakthi Brass Naga Snake, Thia brass snake and so forth.

The quality varies immensely, from low cost tourist trinkets to highly intricate enamelled works of art. 

EDIT: Expect to pay about 2000 INR (About twenty quid or  $30 USD) in the touristy malls of Delhi, and a little less in the back waters. Of course you do need to add about $1000 for the return flight, and you will need to wait till the covid crisis is over.

EDIT2: If you have access to to a 3d printer, or better still a metal 3D print facility, you could of course print one.


Source -> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3117655

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