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Citizen gasket/seal question


I have come to a dead end while putting this watch together. I am missing whatever kind of seal it is that holds the crystal retaining bezel into the case. The watch was partly dismantled when I acquired it and some bits were missing. I have included some pictures which are easier to understand. 

This is the watch.




The bezel with crystal.


This is where it sits in the case. Not sure but I guess the seal or whatever sits in this groove. I don't know whether it might be a thin O' ring or a plastic shim. There is only about .5 mm for it to squeeze in. I wondered whether anyone has had a one of these apart before and know what holds it in. I am not too worried about it being totally waterproof so any suggestions would be welcome.




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I did one of these years ago but cant remember anyway some info for your case...and Cousins have it in stock!

crystal Citizen 54-L5553F   914154L5553F
crown Citizen 506-X832B   9142506X832B
glace gasket Citizen 393-7684   91433937684
bezel gasket Citizen 393-7800 Lünette Dichtung 91433937800
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Thats great info thanks!  Could I ask how you found those parts and numbers?  I have tried inputting all the numbers from the case back into Cousins Citizen case parts search and it came back with no results. I only managed to find the stem and crown because I had a Citizen tech sheet with part numbers

 Interesting that the crown I found from Cousins had a different part number.  Just to be sure before I order one, the bezel gasket 393-7800 is for the crystal retainer and not the rotating bezel?   (if there is one)

Thanks again


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I have been digging around and came across this. Someone has posted pictures of a strip down , 393-7800 looks like it is the one I am after, the black one in the picture is the crystal gasket for the the bezel.  I hope it's ok to post links to other sites like this, apologies if I'm in the wrong.  Anyone speak Dutch?


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