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Apologies for the fact that WRT was down today. With regret there was a problem in the New York data centre which caused the server this website is hosted on to not function. All seems to be well now.

A computer Virus

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    • Looking at the timer, the trigger bar only moves about 1/32  and it seeps to be way too low to contact anything.  The illustration in the manuel show it sticking almost straight up. That makes sense in that position it would easily make contact with the timing screws.   Does this make sense?
    • Hello all, I know this is a relatively old thread but in case anyone was wondering why Roland was saying he could find plenty of spare movements but Doreen couldn't it's because their two watches use different movements. Doreen's is the larger Cal 51 which is only really used in these pilots watches and is therefore difficult to find spares for. Roland's uses the smaller Cal 81 which as he says was used a lot and is very similar to the 82A as used in the Helvetia German DH watches. You can tell the difference even from the dial. In the 51 the sub dial completely covers the 6. In the 81 there is some of the 6 visible. For everything you ever wanted to know about Helvetia pilot's watches have a look at my site here:  https://www.helvetiahistory.co.uk/1930s-pilots-watches Thanks.  Carl
    • Hi all-is there a name for the crescent shape of this fork and its purpose? Vague memory of seeing one like this but can't find where I had seen it. Thank ya MM
    • Indeed - I guess made using the same instruction set. My godfather’s Congreve Rolling Ball Clock looks wonderful, but by his own admission, is a terrible timekeeper! The one above is a bit more reliable. Thank you for the welcome.
    • Back in the 70's and 80's when parts for Seiko movements were plentiful, Seiko recommend you changed the barrel complete I think every 5 or 7 years. These days you have to take the barrel apart and clean it all and put back as parts are more likely to be obsolete.   
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