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GSW cal 50 click



any one know the shape of the click on a GSW cal 50

It looks like it should be hammer shaped.I cannot get any info on the click.

I ask as i ordered a click and spring off cousins ( and they say its the correct one)

It comes with a screw as well.but i will be damned if i see how it supposed to fit.





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As I said before I think what you got there is a click from a caliber 40-41 movement , the little nobb on the backside of it shold go into a grove in the movement I can't find on yours.. 
The 50 if my mind isn't all to hazy has a click like the 230. I have to look in my treassure chest if I got a watch like this.
It's not easy to see from the Ranfft pictures but on this site you might get an idea.


When you enhance the picture you can see the click underneath the ratchet wheel positioned in the grooves you can see on your movement too.


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Hi Gary After studying the picture of the 230 and yours the 50 the click supplied is more likly to fit the 230 as I can see no provision for it on the 50. I would hazzard a guess that yours has a horse shoe type spring. More research needed.    cheers

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