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    • By EatPeach
      I've been using  Moebius 9415 to oil the pallet stone. I usually oils the exit pallet impulse face with the amount like you drop a little bubble on it.
      I really don't know how much amount I should applied and is there any sign to tell whether I'm overoil or underoil.
      I have one strange case though, the movement right after assembly has 260~270 amplitude but drop to 230 after 10 minus or so. Is this relevent to the pallet stone oiling?
    • By RogersWatchRepair
      Hey guys. A friend asked me why the pallet fork will jump to one side but not the other. Any thoughts. I figured magnetized but we struck out there.
    • By Khronos
      Does this pallet fork look right to you folks?  It seems like it should not be bent but straight.  The watch barely runs with very low amplitude.  Does one dare straighten it?  The concern is that it came that way to work properly and I have some other problem going on?  Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

    • By arkobugg
      Cheers mates.
      Im working on a Rolex cal. 2030 lady watch.
      When put togheter I see that the one end stone on the pallet fork is misplaced. And the balance wheel have very small movment sideways. And stopps after 6-7 seconds.
      Is the reason that the end stone is msiplaced?
      Must I buy new pallet fork?   This cannot be glued?
      Shall I replace the escapment wheel as well?
      As usual, thanks for alle help....

    • By robmack

      I have a Waltham 1899 Riverside pocket watch with a broken pallet fork pivot. I'm searching for a replacement fork from a scrap movement. The movement I have is 19 jewels, built in 1906. I am challenged to find the exact same movement as a "AS IS" unit in the usual places, but I see much better selection of other Waltham 16 size movements of the same vintage - the odd 17J Riverside but many more 15J 620, and 17J 625 and 635 examples.

      Can I replace the pallet fork in my Riverside with one from these lesser, but more common models?
      - Robert
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