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Do any of you have ONE particular customer that keeps coming back with watches that you just serviced, and claim that it's not working? Regardless of whether it's a manual wind, automatic or quartz analog or digital.

Then you adjust the time and leave it on your bench and it seems to work just fine for a couple of weeks. You return it, only to have the customer come back to tell you that it still not working?

I have ONE. It's a family member and I don't get paid for it.

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I knew an optician who used to have people come back in with glasses saying, "I just can't see with these new glasses." As his story goes, after the second time of adjusting various things on the fit of the specs, he'd just nod and take them in the back. He said that he'd put the specs down on a table and dance around them, chanting various mystical chants that implored the spectacle gods to make them right. He'd then hand them back to the patient, who would often smile with acceptance before walking away happy, and without knowing the miracle they had just been a part of.

Yours must be frustrating because it's easy to prove that the watch is working, which you do. With eyeglasses you can't experience what the wearer is. Perhaps you should suggest that they get their eyeglass prescription updated. I know a guy...:crazysmile:

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4 hours ago, HectorLooi said:

Then you adjust the time and leave it on your bench and it seems to work just fine for a couple of weeks.

Perhaps you should try to wear it for a couple of weeks? Just to make sure! Are you sure your "customer" knows how to supply power to the watch (if it is an automatic or mechanical)?

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    • I always used Alum. 
    • As long as you remove all of the other steel component so you only have the plate then you can use alum mixed in water and that will dissolve out the screw. If you're in a rush you can warm up the solution It will dissolve it out faster.
    • A vintage brass cased miniature carriage clock having porcelain panels to the sides decorated wit     https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/east-bristol-auctions/catalogue-id-sreas10398/lot-6126c898-7b2a-464a-947e-abc800e4f0e7?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link       Отправлено с моего SpacePhone через Tapatalk      
    • More informative of what? Normally my watch bench at home would have a sheet of plastic covering the entire bench. That's because I don't work on it a lot and it's amazing how much dust is floating around. Then typically because I don't use it that much I would just lift up the plastic work on a little section put the plastic down. But last time I took the plastic off that was a big mistake it's amazing how much dust exists in the universe. Then there was the boss at work he had some silly idea that I should take all my watches home and work on them there. So the space to the right normally would have all sorts of stuff piled in a nice un-organized pile along with the witschi timing machine for quartz watches which of all had to relocate someplace else. Now this gives me a staging area for the work watches. Normally I like a very very clean bench. The picture is not a clean bench in my mind at all but it's a lot cleaner than it was. Then there was a minor rearrangement of stuff in the very back. That so the Chinese 1000 machine now has a home. It can sit next to the witschi timing machine. Then for those paying attention in the far corner is a paper tape timing machine Conveniently hiding under its plastic cover at least it doesn't have dust. Then even if the bench was clean it still not quite right in that I'm missing my power supply for working on quartz watches. That had to relocate the work because they didn't have a suitable power supply for working on Electric watches.So that man's a lot of miscellaneous tools that should be at work or sitting in the living room. But for the most part none of them would've been on top of the bench I really do like a super clean bench unlike this one. So now I need to finish a few projects on top and then think about whatever is it's lurking to the right of me that I'm trying to not pay attention to.  
    • Bergeon tool must be nice to have, penetrating oil before any physical approach helps. Alum disloves the screw and wont hurt the base metal.
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