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Seiko pushers


Hi friends, a quick question about chrono pushers. I’m replacing them on a 6138-0020 and noticed that the one I took out is shorter then the replacement. It's a little sticky too, although I attribute that to the new gasket?  The longer ones work, just seem to stick out a bit. Would anyone know if seiko made different pushers for different models of the same caliber (-0040, -0030, 0020, etc)?

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If you’re asking if they’re different pushers for say the UFO vs the Kakume vs the Panda....then yes, I’m almost certain there are. I own a UFO, and that has concentric circles in their pushers (something to look for when determining authenticity) but I don’t believe all other models have this. I only know for sure with the UFO cause that’s what I did the most research on. 
I would look at it like the pushers are more a part of the case, then the movement. Each case type is gonna be different.

If you’re asking does the same case type have different types of pushers? Then I can’t say for sure...but knowing Seiko....possibly. Wouldn’t put it past them.

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    • Hi all, I have had to install several times second hand on my omegas (10xx) that were a pain due to their soft spring. I have not an omega holder, so I made my own "tool" from a piece of copper wire with the end filed flat. I removed the auto weight whose axle lays just below seconds pinion, and dropped the wire to just lay on the seconds pinion. Then marked the wire where it exits from the rotor hole and bent it from the mark to make an "L" with the shaft measuring just the length from the rotor base to the seconds pinion. Let it go through the rotor hole and check that shaft goes all the way down, to ensure no pressure will damage the seconds pinion or axle.   Simply lay it on the movement, support with a piece of tape and lay the movement on a flat surface. with the new "L" tool lying on the bench. The seconds axle will remain in place while installing the hand. Not a high tech solution, but it served me. I hope it helps you, taking care to not miss axle length, better short than long Sorry, but I have not better photos, I did new just to give you an idea. The last two are the actual size and position on my watch Regards
    • Just a brief Hello, I have not been active on the forum for some time but without going into detail there have been a few health setbacks and deterioration of sight has not helped. Ironically I have just recently been given an excellent watch makers lathe and am enjoying my practise with it.  I am still tinkering but it takes much longer than it used to. I have an ancestors company verge fusee pocket watch in pieces at the moment, it is signed but as with these items probably not much of his own work gone into it.  I will be working on it from time to time but parts may be an issue. Also an Omega bumper is in pieces, cleaned and ready to work on.  So not quite written off yet. If anyone is interested, John Robey has published a PDF on Academia about Sam Harlow, one of my Ancestors from the line of Ashbourne Clock and Watchmakers,a Long Case Clockmaker.  Its quite interesting, obviously to me, but others may be interested, I may have a word with him and get permission to put it on the Forum for folks. Anyway, hello to everyone for now and I will be popping back again from time to time. Cheers, Vic  
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    • Hello and welcome to the forum
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