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Seiko pushers


Hi friends, a quick question about chrono pushers. I’m replacing them on a 6138-0020 and noticed that the one I took out is shorter then the replacement. It's a little sticky too, although I attribute that to the new gasket?  The longer ones work, just seem to stick out a bit. Would anyone know if seiko made different pushers for different models of the same caliber (-0040, -0030, 0020, etc)?

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If you’re asking if they’re different pushers for say the UFO vs the Kakume vs the Panda....then yes, I’m almost certain there are. I own a UFO, and that has concentric circles in their pushers (something to look for when determining authenticity) but I don’t believe all other models have this. I only know for sure with the UFO cause that’s what I did the most research on. 
I would look at it like the pushers are more a part of the case, then the movement. Each case type is gonna be different.

If you’re asking does the same case type have different types of pushers? Then I can’t say for sure...but knowing Seiko....possibly. Wouldn’t put it past them.

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