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Emporio Armani fashion watch

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Hi guys, hope everyone is well in these rather strange times we are living through at the moment.

Quick question, I’ve done some searching but to no avail as of yet, I’ve been asked to see if I can repair an emporio Armani gents watch model number AR1798.

Now straight off the bat I’m saying new movement and crystal and possibly hands, fingers crossed the dial is ok, if not it will have to be a donor watch to complete the repairs.

Anyway as I haven’t got the watch yet, I want to try and get a rough idea of price for parts, mainly the movement, so has anyone got any idea what cal. The movement is? Obviously a quartz. Hands, Crystal etc will have to wait as there’s no way of finding out these for now. 
cheers for any help, stay safe now.



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Normally the modules in these are Japanese, around 5 euro. There are also fashion watches using ETA it would say Swiss made. Small seconds is not the most common, browsing Miyota and SII offering you might find it easily.

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JDM is right usually Miyota 2030/ 2035  and @ under a tenner inc post  Cousins etc hold them, I have had Miyota IL12s and IL45s as well but again not costly.  If you are doing a straight swap dial and hands should fit ok    If its anthing else  post it an we will check.         heers

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Cheers gents, yeah I was heading in the miyota direction myself, having looked through the cousins site for a suitable replacement. There was a post on here regarding the same watch but the Op done a one lost and leave sketch after his question was answered so I couldn’t message him direct to ask the same question.

As soon as I get it in for the repairs I’ll let you know if anything else crops up and also to give information to crystal size and what Cal. It actually is. 
thanks again

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    • Hi,  I am an American watchmaker and machinist set up for repair, restoration, modification and bottom-up manufacture living currently in Germany.  I have a penchant for vintage tools from German and Swiss and US manufacturers, and use Lorch, Boley, Bergeon, in tandem with modern machine equipment (CNC, mill, lathe, drill press, media blaster, etc.).    My repair and service work takes in a lot of luxury brands like Rolex, Patek, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Panerai, but I also replace batteries for cheap quartz watches, and have repaired cuckoo and kitchen clocks.    I have benefitted from watching Mark's wonderfully methodic and instructive videos on You Tube, which is what made me aware of this site.  You lot are a very civilized and polite bunch, and I look forward to interacting with you as soon as I get through my "lurker" phase. 
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