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    • By Oyster
      Hi again forum amd watch lover.
      I have some problem with the upper bridge, the jewel seem lose and the bridge doesn't grip the jewel, (pic form internet) cause the rotor to have a nosey sound when shaken,by the way the oscillating staff still fit in the jewel. Any thing I can do about this ?

    • By Oyster
      Hi everyone !
      I got a very strange problem after cleaning the movement 1570, the amplitude are good at 280~300 . 10 min later it drop around 130~170 and then it go back up to 280 again for a while, sometimes it completely stop. I did manually clean the jewel and all the cap jewel, the problem seem remain.Thanks for your time !
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    • Welcome! And thanks for the cool story!
    • The thing that bites you in the butt is the length. Two screws may be identical other than length and mixing them up can sometimes cause problems elsewhere.  I clean manually for the most part. But even when using ultrasonic I just do several small batches. I could probably figure it out at this point but it’s just how I do it. I’m comfortable that way. 
    • Some folks are much more into the thick oil trick than others. Prob a useful trick to help narrow down problems. Good point about the heat/viscosity changes. Dennison "strength" just means thickness, although it's similar to wire gauges, lower number is thicker, higher is thinner. Just ignore the Dennison numbers and use metric if possible.  If it is overpowered (unclear if that is the case here), the metric .10 thickness might be underpowered (might be preferable to overpowered), as the GR specs show a .105mm mainspring. Good to go with the spec mainspring if it's available? I don't have enough experience to say if +.05 or -.05 thickness should make that much of a difference, prob case-by-case.
    • I've always been impressed by Mark, when he disassembles the movement and lines all the screws up together by size for his decorative parts photos, mixing up their respective "layers" in the process. With attention to detail and experience I think it's possible to recognize each one, and they only go back together one way. I'm not there yet, keep 'em seperated with their respective parts.
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