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    • By Resurgance
      Hi there, am new to forum.
      Am smitten by these beautiful machines - my first mech was a lovely unusual Rotherham, my second I purchased just on looks for next to nothing only to find out it is a mostly intact repeater minus gong. The rest is history. 
      Within an hour of getting a lovely c1930 Heuer chrono pocket watch ref.701 with a v61 movement, that had survived 90 odd years just fine; I showed it to a friend who tried to turn it over with the back open and fumbled it.
      It only works now when looking at the movement, my untrained ear and diagnosis is that the Upper balance jewel is cracked.
      My question is simply around finding the correct jewel to replace this; is this an off the shelf jewel that can be replaced, can I find a balance bridge complete? Or does something have to be custom made? 
      On another unrelated quick note I dont suppose anyone could tell me if I can use a Landeron 48 balance wheel and bride in a 248 movement?
      I am a complete watch novice but am very technically minded, a fast learner, and am also able to pull back and call for help if things are going pear shaped.
      Would like to attempt this myself and have bought something jewel setting tools am just minus a press currently.  Will reach out but locally the knowledge is slim I live in top of the South Island in New Zealand- Nelson. Small place.
      Thanks for looking

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    • Also, just my opinion, but from looking at your video, the freedom of movement which you are getting from the barrel when turning on its arbor is fine.
    • I wouldn't be surprised if it makes little difference having that score there. It will be a "plain hole" in the jewel, so the walls are flat and parallel, so the ring will simply not touch the jewel. Unless of course the groove is the same width as the contact area with the jewel.
    • No, I haven't yet received the smoothing broaches, but once I've tried it I'll let you know the result. I'll be going very easy and I'll try not to overdo it. Hopefully it will make the barrel spin more freely around the arbor. CousinsUK doesn't have the barrel and cover as spare part so hopefully I won't be making a mess of it. I guess as a general rule it is better not to fix it unless it is broken, but in this case I'm just too curious to see what it's going to do.
    • Oh yes, the scoring is very light but can be distinctly seen at 40X magnification. It's looks like a countersunk ring around the pivot with a width of only a few thousands of a millimeter. Don't know what would be suitable hardwood (?), but I think I can try with pegwood and autosol first considering the scoring is so light.
    • I would try replacing the cracked jewel, before doing any pivot polishing. Did you use smoothing broaches on the barrel, and what was the result? My advice is not to change anything you can't change back, unless you're absolutely sure you need to.
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