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Timex Dynabeat Stem Removal

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Greetings to All Members:

Just found your website today & decided to join. From what I saw on your home page looks like you carry a broad range of topics. I have been collecting watches about 2 years.  Always on the lookout for mainly wrist watches, both mechanical & electronic.......and occasionally quartz. Have no real specific brand other than mostly American Names from the 20's through 1960's. I also have several mantle clocks & several pocket watches. Just always on the lookout for any interesting examples of particular eras. I have limited skills & "eye sight" outside of working on case, dial , hands & crystal polishing/replacement.

Currently am working on a Timex Dynabeat(ElectroMechanical).....I hope your site has some people that work on these Timex Dynabeat Watches....purchased on EBay.....looks good after clean & polish but not running. Battery leaked some but not too bad......just want to remove works from case to clean leaked corrosion. But on this watch I am at a lose as to how to remove the stem from watch works.......any information or vidios on this would be appreciated.

Thank you.    Dan

..any information or videos would be appreciated

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49 minutes ago, childhoodantique said:

Thank you! Followed above information & all went fine . Now have a clean working Timex Dynabeat. Runs well & keeping good time. Hardest part was to set date/day ..... Finally got this set but was wondering if there is any information on the best way to set this feature ?

   Thank you again.    Dan

Hi Dan, the date has a quick set  on all of the M40 derivative movements with day and date, (first click out of the crown) and the Dynabeat ones, the M255 movement has a quickset date and the M262has quickset day and date....

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