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    • Hi John and welcome to the happy factory
    • Even though your package is opened I don't suppose you get a picture of the bits and pieces of the package for us? Then a caution factory packages or basically the paper envelopes that typically watch parts come in except balance completes usually come in very special packages but any of the paper envelopes always require caution because it's standard operating practice for a lot watchmakers to put the old part back in the package.  Often times they didn't label that it's the used parts sometimes they do.
    • Hi all, Hopefully I'm on the right forum this time!  Thought while I was struggling getting my first project back together, I would try a pocket watch as I'd read they were a bit easier, so I bought this off Ebay. I've fallen at the first hurdle as I can't work out how to get the back off! Don't think it screws off, as I've tried without success, so thought it must prise off, but again no luck. I don't want to apply too much force, just in case it actually does screw off. Anyone any experience/thoughts on this please.    
    • A really nice website for American pocket watches once you have a serial number is found at the link below. Also nice with Elgin watches the parts list is available there. I don't suppose you can get another picture of the movement preferably the angle? It may just be a lighting issue but I'm not seeing the hairspring for the balance wheel? I can see the stud it still there somebody rotated the regulator all the way to one extreme is interesting?. They hairspring may be hiding under the balance bridge but it's I'm not seeing it?     https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/elgin/9785822
    • Not totally worthless,  so if stuck with it, can be restaffed someday.  Look at the bright side, who knows this may be a blessing in disguise, you might buy a staking set if it is just to restaff this one then go on to become a great horologist.  Just trying to be cheerful. 
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