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Hi  as jdm remarked they dont fit all, watches with calender work can be a problem due to clearance and I have seen in order for the dial to fit correctly the front plate sometimes has to be reduced to allow for the extra metal on the foot, Its a case of try it if it fits its a bonus if not do whats required to get the fit you require.

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I have used these with a drop of epoxy and these feet were very successful. 

My technique was to put the feet into the movement, for a couple trial runs of setting the face in place on the movement resting on the feet pads.  In my case I used a small O-ring around the Cannon pinion output that the dial hole would center on. I would then put a drop of epoxy on each pad and lower the dial into place, centered around the pinion o-ring.  I should note that I put a thin layer of cellophane (saran wrap) down over the movement pressing the feet through it so that there was no chance of epoxy squeezing out onto the movement.

Having an engineering background I understand sheer force, and there's a lot of surface between these pads and dial-back, providing more than enough strength to hold the dial for many years (providing the epoxy does not give out). Not as good as welding but second-best and I was very happy with the outcome.

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Food for thought!

I should add for those with problems regarding clearance.  On one dial where clearance was an issue, I placed the pad face down on a diamond filing plate,   working it back and forth, reducing the thickness of the pad,  giving me the clearance I needed.  I was also prepared to file away sections of the pad had it up hit anything in the mount, but it was not necessary.  

Providing you don't file the pad too close to the post, you should be fine. This being said, there are watches were they just won't work.

Good luck to anyone using these 

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