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    • I did ponder the mail thing as well, I received a letter from the head of European operations saying that it was vital to stay safe during this period and thanking us for working during this period ( Believe me I wouldn't be if I had the option ) and outlining measures to take, this is a multi national company that until three days ago didn't have hand sanitizer or disinfectant available I had to bring my own. What struck me about this letter was how totally unnecessary it was because the day before I had read the exact same message on a email he had sent to everyone, why on earth send it as a letter ? Prat
    • I knew an optician who used to have people come back in with glasses saying, "I just can't see with these new glasses." As his story goes, after the second time of adjusting various things on the fit of the specs, he'd just nod and take them in the back. He said that he'd put the specs down on a table and dance around them, chanting various mystical chants that implored the spectacle gods to make them right. He'd then hand them back to the patient, who would often smile with acceptance before walking away happy, and without knowing the miracle they had just been a part of. Yours must be frustrating because it's easy to prove that the watch is working, which you do. With eyeglasses you can't experience what the wearer is. Perhaps you should suggest that they get their eyeglass prescription updated. I know a guy...
    • I have been concerned about the coronavirus being transmitted via the mail from the beginning. I thought that it may be the reason why so few young children seem to have been contracting the virus. After all, with few exceptions, mail is usually retrieved and handled by adults. Just a hair-brained theory I had. Who knows if it has any validity. With one stupid exception, I have washed my hands immediately after opening the mail. After that brain-flatulence, I know bring in the mail and drop it in a bin. Two days later I open it. If something is in a plastic container/envelope, I will handle it more carefully, as it is reported that the virus can last 72 hours on plastic. Our overuse of plastic may get us yet. So yes, I agree that mail transmission has to be considered as we work our way through this pandemic. Gloves, hand-washing, mail quarantine bins, whatever it takes to outlast the spiky little devils. Stay healthy all. Cheers.
    • To update here is my progress.  Thanks for the tips on releasing the dial that was so clear and easy to follow!   My photos are a bit naff but can you tell what is going on with the keyless from these?
    • Hi Gary   cousins should be able to supply  what are you using to measure the glass/case..    use a vernier gauge.
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