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    • welcome to the forum.
    • Hence my posting, to "visually" support what you said and to give VW a hold-on-to "handle"
    • FLwatchguy73 - By no means am I an authority on the Luch Electromechanical, but if you check out this thread on the WatchUSeek forum, there’s some useful info: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/luch-3055-opinions-discussions-2700305.html it’s definitely a fascinating model, and I really like the styling. But they can also be stubborn and quirky. If you get a good one, great! Otherwise you’re looking at a project and a learning experience. Fortunately I like learning, and I can be stubborn too. When I was an IT support guy for our local school district, my motto was “Numquam apparatus esse victor...” essentially, “Never let the machine win.” That applies equally to PCs and weird old watches. ;-) Gryf
    • Hello I'm just started learning about watch repair for hobby, very happy to found this group
    • I'll start off the 1st one. This my Waltham 12s pocket watch. Beautiful white gold case. Fully jewelled. I was a non working watch which I got for a bargain from ebay. I found that the mainspring was broken. I temporarily fixed it by annealing the end of the mainspring, drilling a hole for the catch and shaping it to fit the barrel arbor. It worked fine. So I proceeded to clean it while I went to order a new mainspring for it. Somehow I got distracted and forgot it was still soaking in my ultrasound. By the time I remembered, the shellac from the pallet stones had disintegrated. 
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