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    • Hi Eric, did you get her the SNK? I decided to make my one a bit 'different'........ 'Make' was really the correct term as I didn't buy one and modify it, but built this one up around an empty SNK case bought on eBay....
    • So here is my old Timex Diver up and running again. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this post, especially JerseyMo who has been a real diamond and come up with the parts that I needed! Thank you gentlemen, it is much appreciated! I wound the watch up and it is running, although slower than it was after I warmed the mechanism up and blew it out with air. Also, the date wheel seems to have got stuck so I think it is probably due to the lubrication being a bit dry and dirty. As the watch has never been serviced, I thought I would try and find a vintage Timex specialist here in the UK to give it a professional clean and service. Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks, Grae
    • I have to agree with JohnR in principal here. It's not typical for a movement (especially a quality movement like that) to encounter a terrible error like that. Escapements like these are designed to be isochronous to the extent that they should not vary considerably in rate with the amount of energy that is transferred into them, unless they are driven into banking. I exercise most days and I've never encountered any of my watches doing anything like that. Maybe I've been lucky.  
    • Vsauce, of YouTube fame owns a backward running quartz. He visited "Adam Savage's, Tested" shop and Adam and him compared watches. Adam has an omega "beater", a problem I wish I had! lol. It's pretty clear the Vsuace is not a watch enthusiast, given the rough handling he gave Adam's watch while he was looking it over. He shows off the backwards watch HERE and the entire video is worthy of a watch HERE as well.
    • I gave it a go, very carefully and it worked until I went to clip it back on to the watch. As I clipped it on, the bezel cracked again just after the repair and a small piece fell out. It is very brittle. I tried again but it didn't turn out so well. Fortunately, JerseyMo came to the rescue and sent me a nos bezel. Thank you JerseyMo and thank you too Manodeoro for your advice. It is much appreciated!
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