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Repairs but not to watches

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The Mattel football was in worst condition and although much better now it has two issues. The 'UP' button is intermittent and a few segments are missing in the score display.  Can't do much about the display since it is all integrated led but, I can lift the button and clan the contacts.  These games can sell for about $20 each now in working condition.  Maybe I found a new sideline of work :)!

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Ah I didn't even see the Mattel was football, I had the Straco knockoff (didn't even know it was a knockoff but your post got me Googling and I found a whole site dedicated to these things!).


I guess if you can get them for free and fix them in half an hour it could be good work!

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Those take me back!  You might like this, which appeared in my youtube's suggested vids recently.


BTW I've not been fixing many clocks while on holiday, but I did a quick fix on this camera.



It belonged to my late father in law, who is in the picture, and which picture may have been taken with this very camera

Sadly I never met him as he passed away a good few years before I met my wife.

I cleaned things up as best I could given the lack of proper tools, and re- seated the mirror, which was lying loose inside.

It would need a little more work to clean up and lubricate the self timer, shutter etc. before it could take pictures, but for that I would need access to my normal array of tools, but at least now you can look through the viewfinder and see the "view" once more.

The mirror has suffered a bit over the years, but the lenses look clean.

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