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First look: Stamping and engraving inside

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As always when I look at a watch movement I am surprised by how small everything is. It's a shock compared to what is shown in a large monitor with a good camera setup in an online video for instance.

What really caught my eye was when I took a look inside the case back. There is tiny 0.5mm writing: MB (initials?) and 1288 (month/year?) 

Also I am testing uploading images as well, so sorry if it isn't formatted correctly :)



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There will be a glorious attempt at disassembly, followed by many a muttered epithets. Then victory will be declared whether in the scrap bin or not. Please do not tell my wife how much a real set a screwdrivers actually cost!

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    • How to remove stem  from Seiko 8c23-6059 I believe stem=354 351 back of watch reads 8c23-6059   564384
    • Thanks. I'm also seeing a no lubrication symbol for the corrector wheel. I see in mark's video that he lubricated the elongated hole for this wheel. Does lubrication go there? Or is there absolutely no lubrication for this component. Another question regarding reversing wheels. On a diagram I see in another thread it also shows no lubrication to be applied on the teeth or pawls whereas in mark's video he applies lubrication on the teeth. Is his procedure incorrect? What is the purpose of requiring epilame on these if no lube is applied here? Also the diagram does not show lubricating the date jumper on the part that indexes the date wheel. Should this area be lubricated like many other manufacturers do? Or is this not necessary?
    • I have replaced the capacitor in this JDM Seiko AGS Spirit Titanium (5M22 movement). This is a one piece case, so the bezel has to come off to get to the movement. The bezel gasket was a bit hard to get back in (ordered two new ones and ruined one), but it all went in on the second attempt (using a drill press. Yes, I am a newb and do not own a crystal press. But I have other tools and am resourceful). Here it is. I really like this watch. It's very well made, the titanium case and band make super-light and very comfortable watch. The crystal is most likely sapphire, though it does not say so on the back. I did look up the Seiko catalog and it calls for sapphire replacement part. Also, for a watch this old (from the early-mid 90's) the crystal is literally pristine. No scuffs or scratches. Very high quality piece that I am really enjoying right now. The new style capacitors (LiOn batteries, really) allow about a 4 month reserve on these. I am very happy with the purchase and the "service" I gave it. Before serivice b   After service    
    • Watches of this vintage  could be of either  2209 or 2409 variety. The 24 series is still being  produced  and new parts are still available  from meranom  in Russia. The  22 series is archaic  .parts must be cannibalized  from  other  movements. These can be purchased  by the bushel online. CHEAP.
    • For some reason it won't play for me.but my first  reaction is excess wear in the area of the balance  staff. 
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