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Show us your blue dial watches.


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I'm so glad this topic popped back up. I'm new here and hadn't seen it. Blue is probably my favorite dial color, in contention with champagne.

Even so, looking through my collection I appear to only have 4 watches with blue dials. Then again, my collection seems like it's probably puny compared to some of you here.

In order of acquisition:

Seiko SNKK45 ("Seikonaut"):

Seiko SNZH53:

Grand Seiko SBGA375 (it's hard to coax the blue out of this one - it looks black most of the time - had to get in bright sunlight for this picture):

Bulova Precisionist 96B257:

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The crystal on this 404 club blue dialled Accurist got swapped this evening, so I figured it was time to show off the improvement. 

It is a complete smudge and dust magnet now, as you can see. No sooner had I popped it on my wrist than it was sporting a big thumbprint and some instant air bourne speckles. Despite all that, the blue dial is pretty impressive without all of those distracting scratches.


Here it is under the inspection lamp, with the old crystal for comparison.

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