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    • By MattHH
      My name is Matt, screenname MattHH. I was asked to look at someone's watch because it needed a battery or capacitor IDK. Anyway since I was successful I caught the fix every watch that is broken bug. I started with pocket watches,then watch tools e.g. staking device, and then wrist watches. I got a lot of practice buying boxes of watches on eBay and working on them and if I messed it up it still a learning experience, like reverse engineering and some common sense go a long way. I play hell getting the balance wheel in anything though. To save money I am focused on the Benrus watches because I think they are cool looking and cover most of the bases e.g. dive watches, military, formal, informal, amazing, and the weird. It would be nice if the manufacturer of watches made repair manuals like cars, that would be paper gold. Here is a few Benrus watches on my wish list. Going from fixing diesel engines to watches is heaven on my back. I had to learn the hard way going from gorilla to butterfly on the screws of a watch. Glad to be here! Matt from Clearwater, Florida
    • By PJA
      Hello once again. I have this YSL 5421 quartz watch which wasn't opened for about 10 years and I just can't open it, since I am not sure whether I should force it or is there any trick that I can't see how to open it, and I rather ask you how to go about it. I have the knife and a watch pray type opening tools, but this back seems to be shot real tight and hope I won't have to buy the $100 case back opening tool at this stage of my hobby, although Since we are on the subject I would love to know which one you think better or preferred for future consideration. Thank you

    • By GaT34
      Hello All,
      I am new to this forum and relatively new to repairing watches (so please don't bite!).
      I have repaired a couple of cheap watches before and both have worked out fine so decided to try my hand on Benrus I have had for a couple of year and am quite fond of.
      All was going well and then I had a pet related incident whilst opening up the mainspring barrel. By the time I had found the barrel (cap, arbour and mainspring conveniently ended up in my lap) it had been damaged and some of the teeth destroyed.
      I have tried to identify the movement in order to figure out what part to try and find (picture attached, apologies for the poor quality) but really struggling as it doesn't look like any other Benrus movement I have seen anywhere online.
      The watch has 1974 on the back (looks like a "length of service" gift awarded to someone by the inscription).
      I bought it from ebay and the seller doesn't know anything more about it. If more picture of any more of the parts would be useful please let me know.
      I'm just hoping that someone will be able to help.
      Thank you in advance.

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    • I think Oldhippy put some of those as PDF's on here once maybe they are the same..  
    • Hi, Weren't balance wheels produced back then of different weights? jd should know if adjustment for 780secs is doable, it requires plenty of weight also space around the balance wheel. In short was it posed dynamically or static.
    • Sorry, can't help you. I wanted these books for a long time and I wouldn't be surprised if you'd be able to identify the movement using them. The books list the movements by size and then have illustrations of the setting lever spring and setting lever to compare with. Unfortunately these books are pretty expensive so I've been hesitant to pull the trigger. @Mark demonstrates them at watchrepairlessons.com (Course 1: "Getting started")
    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Stuart. I went ahead and bought the 5 spokes version from Cousins based on Marc’s suggestion earlier in this thread. What I’m saving on not going out at weekends has paid for that! Hopefully it will arrive today/tomorrow and I’ll look forward to giving it a go. Will also be a useful tool to add to my slowly growing arsenal. Cheers! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • As Vin says like this for movement work    And like this for lathe work     Photos through the eyepiece are best done with a small inexpensive digital camera hand held.
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