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    • Through a generous donation of a stellar OEM timex bracelet from a fellow WRT member,  I now have a nearly pristine 1978 Timex Falcon Eye! It looks and runs like a dream. It's honestly one of my best time keepers! Not too shabby for 42 years old! A huge shout out and thank you to @yankeedog for the kindness!  My old cruddy one on top So much better! 
    • Good to know! It's now gaining about 3/4 of a second a day. Since my phone based timegrapher doesn't register one tick per minute, I relied on a led style clock app on my phone that has 10ths of a second. 
    • Hey sorry if this is the wrong section. But i have been doing watch tinkering now for approx 8 months and i have finally rebuilt a balance , or is hat restrung? Anyway im always getting great advice of you guys when i am stuck so thought i would show a success. See  pics cheers everyone sorry pics are not great but its a mobile phone pic
    • It all depends what you intend to make on a lathe, I can tell you after you start and learn the ropes, you will want to progress in machining more complicated parts. Just make sure accessories  are available, they will also set you back a good sum of money.  
    • No motor for this type of clock. All basic Chime and strike movements. No real value, there are millions of these types of clocks about. 
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