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One of my petty annoyances, has been the vostok  case. With the exception  of the amphibia, they are pretty  cheap.A recent trip to the salvation  army netted me a solar  pulsar  with a bad cell.. what  you see is the result  of my brain "storm" .A nicely  regulated  2234 with  its retainer  ring altered a bit and a different  crystal. Nice stainless  case and bracelet..now I have to do something  about  that  dial.




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    • I think not, if the grease is too thin or not enough then it will not provide any braking or slip. The spring will just displace the grease and brake hard against the barrel wall. That's how I see it anyway. I'm not an expert but that's what my engineering mind is telling me would happen. Rebanking definitely speeds up the rate. I'm hoping to find some time at weekend to post a short video showing the issue.
    • If the barrel wall is lubed with a non-breaking grease, wouldn't it slip more than it should?  If now you are planning to use a braking grease, and in a greater quantity, it will slip less, don't you think? I don't know if rebanking speeds a watch up, does it?
    • Same problem happens in other fields. The expertise and time required to do a repair or modification can often be way higher than the price of the item itself. Happens all the time in the computer field. Computer repair is generally a joke as true repair would be much too expensive. I just recently repaired a computer motherboard where the time and parts involved were way more expensive than the board itself but it was really satisfying to see it work. I have had a watch repaired where the cost of the repair was higher than the value of the watch. The repairer was very hesitant to give it a try but we went ahead with it with the understanding it was a best-effort kind of thing. Even if a repair appears simple, there is always the risk of the repairer causing damage and turning into something complicated. I'm learning watch repair but I wouldn't touch someone else's watch unless I knew things were totally fine should it turn to scrap. While a beginner may be able to help for cheap, it is risky for a beginner to help you too.
    • We have 4 clocks photos of front and the backs showing there movements. All you have to do is tell me what countries are they from. So you have A B C & D
    • I have recently ruined the coating of the plates of my PUW60 movement which is not that old that mentioned above. PUW60 Unfortunately I don't have pictures about the plates themselves, but you can see that yellow section under the balance wheel where the coating ended up at the bottom of my cleaning container, i did not understand first what are those shiny bits.
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