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Winterhalder & Hoffmeier Bracket Clock

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Now we have a clock section thought I would post this unusual clock I repaired recently


Winterhalder & Hoffmeier Bracket Clock

Circ. approx 1930.

Winterhalder & Hoffmeier stopped production of clocks in 1930 therefore this clock is a minimum of 80 years old.

Unusual striking clock that strikes the quarters & hours. The quarter strikes are with a double hammer, one strike for 1/4 past two strikes for 1/2 past & 3 strikes for 1/4 too. But on the hour one hammer is silenced and the hour strikes with one hammer. Stripped quite a few times to get all three in the correct sequence also repairs a follows:


Bent pins found on warning gear and strike stop gear wheels. - Straightened

Extreme wear on the chiming side of the movements pinions.-

Re-dressed as best as possible on my lathe

Snail wheel and chime lever damaged. -

Filed away damage as best as possible but not perfect 

Snail wheel worn -

Not possible to repair.


The clock now runs good and keeps excellent time



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Geo where the the hole is on the snail I marked as a bullet hole. This has been created by a punch as a guess and this has distorted the snail and also the deepest recess i.e.. the 12.o,clock cam someone has had a good filing session I expect both where an attempt to get the chime in beat.  I had to adjust the lever (bend a touch) that rides on the snail to fix. Not the best repair but easier than making a new snail wheel.

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