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A friend of my father gave me this old pocketwatch to see if I could repare it. 


As you see in the picture, the balance wheel is extremely bent. I tried to bend it back, but i cant make it good enough.


Does anyone know where I can find a balancewheel for this Revue 30 movement? I have tried to search around online, however, I cant find any.


Is there a generic balance that would fit in here? 


Best regards






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The bent part is the hairspring, not balance wheel.

Normally you have to order one that's made specifically for this movement (sometimes one hairspring might fit multiple movements in the same family of calibers). There might be a possibility that other hairsprings could fit this balance wheel but chances are slim and even if it fits there's still the aspect of time accuracy.

Someone very experienced might be able to "straighten" it out although it's pretty bad...

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