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    • There's a lot of good info in this thread, just to chime in and stress that the hole really needs to be re-centered before proceeding. Often the wear is within the oil sink, and that is normally well centered, and you can use that as a visual guide. In your case the wear has gone outside the oil sink; ideally here I use a compass with a wide point and scriber tip and make a now concentric circle around the hole, then file up to that with a round file. Then ream to size for a bushing.    
    • I was simply trying to start a new thread so my questions didn’t get lost in the other persons post.  i don’t know what a Module is or why it needs replaced. I also don’t get what happened to the watch and why I can’t fix the issue. So I’m just looking for more explanation is all. 
    • Hi Have a look at the attached Technical Sheet for the VD53B This module is from the Seiko Epson factory SIIO,  The module complete is not expensive and sooner than purchase a new stem condider a replacement module which comes complete with stem 3546_Seiko VD53A, VD53B (1) (1).pdf
    • Yes! Thanks NickelSilver. Thats my solution. There is no threat and I thought I was missing parts. I will have to find a way of making an Eccentric cam, but now at least I understand how it works. Thanks a million guys!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • There are two principal ways the plate locks, either with a wedge and screw which pushed the wedge into the post in the plate like Watchweasol's (seems maybe that one just uses the screw but I suspect the screw is a replacement and the wedge has gone missing), or with an eccentric cam. The one Nsteyn needs an eccentric cam. It can be made if you have a lathe, you'll want a 4 jaw chuck to set the piece off center to make the eccentric part (can also shim it in a collet or 3 jaw chuck).   The pic is from a little Star I have, other Stars I have use a screw and wedge, so it's not even manufacturer specific.    
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