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    • Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Bought a watch pressure tester and was wondering what the valve like thing is on the back?     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Hi   I would not take it as read them being serviced, Take a good look at the movements and check for worn pivots etc and the presence of oil on the pivots. Some peoples idea of service is to slop on oil and away you go. Not trying to negative here but cautious. Just take you time and enjoy the clocks, I have around 30 of them all types from mantle clocks to 400 day anniversary clocks and love all of them   enjoy.      Cheers
    • I was able to find self winding clocks on youtube so there is a possibility of altering them I just don't have the technological or mechanical knowledge to do it. You are correct, they are all 8 day. The man I bought them from informed me that they were all serviced by him and that they will keep time for about a week but for accuracy it is best to rewind after 3 days. I want to clean them myself to learn how to do it. I will get the brasso wadding you recommended. Than you WW! 
    • Hi   Yankeedog    That is a distinct possibility, One would assume, maybe wrongly, that these basic steps would have been checked, but you are absolutly correct. As the module works on 1.5v  and draws micro amps and dirt/corrosion of any kind can cause a restive surface on any contact which indeed can cause failure and is in some cases,  the battery contacts being the usual suspect. 
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