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your best option is to serach for parts on EBAY.  But, know that chances are slim and it could take a long time.  I once searached for a quartz circuit board to repari a Longines and that took alomst two years.  Now I am faced with helping my watchmaker friend to find parts for two Jean LaSalle watches the orginals and not the Seiko version. My chances of winning the lottery are better!  but, I'll try.  right to win the lottery :)


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Just report the model digits on the back XXXX-YYYY. The first 4 will indicate the module, which cost as little as 10 pounds. With that in hand you can go to any watch shop and pay a little more for the work. 

That if getting the watch to work is really important to you, otherwise with little more money you can get a nice solar Seiko or Citizen which never need a battery change. 

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That is a 7C17 -8000 i think . It's for blind or people with low eyesight . It's about the same movement as the 7c43 and 7C46 except without date . If you need parts like coil and circuit you can buy a new 7C46 movement . It's a great watch if you have low eyesight. A little cool as you can flip the lid and feel the hands.  I have a dial and case if you need that . Could fix it for you to if you are from Sweden? 


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