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the post on "indiamart" nylon strap was good.    i have made bands from 3/4 inch strap material that did not itch or eritate the wrist.   this Inda outfit claims to sell web in width from 2mm to 600mm?    i have been un able to contact them via the net.  vin

3 quarter inch band.JPG

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    • Thank you. I did contact a watch repair person and the cost was higher then the watch ifself. It's a similar conundrum to when a beginner starts looking for watch repair tools, can't afford the Bergeon ones and some cheap tools are too cheap. I know I'll get what I pay for, but I am after a new'ish watch enthusiasts who can do it for less the the price of a Seiko type watch. Our prayers go out to the thousands that are effected by the pandemic and in dire straights.
    • Have a look at some places where they change batteries. Some are good and able to do that as well.
    • Of course you can't. But both HSBC and Citi allow to link an account from another bank which is in the same name, and initate transfers from the receiving side. End of the off topic.
    • That is the condition under which the picture in my my topic above was taken. On a Seiko that last maybe 15 seconds and then amplitude stabilizes. Watch is not actually rebanking, rate does not change much and timekeeping is not affected. The normal practice is to check amplitude 30 mins after full wind, and the 24 hrs later. Finally, worth to remind here that to get more than 280 deg on a Seiko one needs a pristinely serviced movement, with a 100% perfect hairspring, balance and escapement, plus a near new mainspring - that is a barrel complete that has never been taken apart.
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