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Hey All,   a few of you have noted that  you were unaware  of the connection. But yes westclox  did assemble  Seiko  movements  into their  cases. Much like Seiko sells bare movements  to third party  assemblers today. For your pleasure  I have included  a picture  of the movement  in the westclox  recently  posted  in the watch of the day.


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I  am not exactly  sure. I believe  there are some  differences. For example  the train  and barrel  bridges  are separate  pieces..I think that  on the 66 they  are one piece. I don't  have an actual  seiko to compare  it with. But from what I have seen  that is what it is.

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    • Hi    I Have attached the C153 tech sheets , they may be of some use If you decide to delve into the works.      Cheers. C153A.pdf
    • Hi Looks very nice ,It will be a collectors item now.
    • Hi in my advanced years all of them!!!!!!.  No not quite
    • To date, what is the most difficult and frustrating watch movement that you have had to reassemble? Personally, my choice (So far)  would be the Harley Ronda 726 chronograph. After stripping, cleaning, and reassembly, I discovered that the circuit was faulty and was in need of replacement.  Luckily, I found one in Los Angeles USA. The circuit is buried deep inside, so a couple of layers have  to be removed in order to get at it. Lining everything up, after, is where the nightmare begins. Honestly, what a totally frustrating experience and how these things are ever designed and made in the first instance, is way beyond me! A beautiful watch, though, and the rewards after competion make the effort well worth it. Well, over to you, what is your nightmare?  
    • Here are the timegrapher readings for dial down (181)and up (280) Same lubrication as before I haven't cleaned it yet. Something very bad is happening when dial down. I have not seen a difference so big in these two positions before. I moved the beat corrector all the way over as well. The watch is also stopping when turned dial down. I can start it again by hacking the balance and pushing the crown back in (sometimes) . Any suggestions? I don't think this watches issues are related to lubrication but what are your thoughts I might be wrong. 
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