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Is My L&R Varimatic Operating Correctly?

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This Varimatic is new to me. Checking it without the jars installed, it appears to be working, but I’m concerned the heights are a bit off compared to the jar heights. 

Has anyone else adjusted one of these and can comment on my videos of it operating? I’ve uploaded a video below. I start by holding the button down to advance to the first jar, and then do the same to advance to the second jar. 




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Hi, it looks like the machine is out of sync , instructions on how to fix will be on the manual if I recall which is online .

Have done this a few times , involves taking off the cover and changing the arm location to hit switches that lift and drop.

One thing to think about is how did it happen. This can happen if the arm doesn't high enough or got caught, this could mean it needs hydraulic fluid and could mean a leak..

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Thank you. I did jam it accidentally by leaving the hydraulic fluid cup inserted (jams the rotating platform). I will look at re-syncing it as you suggest. 

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